Astana Medical University

About Astana Medical University, Kazakhstan

Astana Medical University (AMU) found on 26th October in the year 1964 by the resolution of the Council ministers of Republic of Kazakhstan to open a dynamic medical institution in the capital of the country is one of the biggest, most regarded and most preferred medical universities in Kazakhstan. The Astana Medical University is a high reputed higher medical educational university. The university has its own methods and ways in introducing the world to educational services as well as in the development of medical sciences and clinical activities. In 1997, the Astana Medical Institute was re-organized into the Astana Medical Academy until January 2009 when it gained its university status. The Astana Medical University has successfully passed certification and scientific accreditation in 2009 Based on the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the University gained the stats of National Medical University of Kazakhstan.

Astana Medical University provides a wide range of hands-on practice to all its students. For this, the university has several clinics, hospitals and medical centers that are all teaching medium to medical students with real patients as well as simulators. The clinical bases of the University are located at the biggest national and republican centers. For many years now, the Astana Medical University has been stably ranked as one of the leading medical universities in Kazakhstan. The University sets forth new objectives in the areas of medical education and science, thereby uncovering broad perspectives for the long-term sustainable development of the University, its students as well as the world.

Astana Medical University: Quick Overview

Also Known As AMU
Establishment 1964
University ownership Government University
  • Country Rank- 14
  • World Rank- 4870
  • Total Students 7,000+
    International Students 1,000+
    Location Nur-sultan, Kazakhstan

    MBBS at Astana Medical University

    Astana Medical University trains students to become the best medical practitioners of the world under the faculty of “General Medicine”. The faculty of General Medicine was established in the year 2007. Since then, more than 5000 students have been graduated under the faculty and have successfully passed the state exams and are currently practicing medicine in different countries and regions.

    Currently, the faculty of general medicine have about 4000 students studying under the faculty which makes up to 70% of the total number of undergraduate students. The faculty of General Medicine follows the European standard of the educational system to keep the students up to the par of International educational standards. The Astana Medical University’s faculty of medicine has formed 33 groups of students studying in English language as a part off integration of Kazakh science and education in the world.

    The Astana Medical University has 873 teachers who impart quality medical education to the students of the university. Other than these, there are 112 doctors of medical science, 280 candidates of medical science, 62 professors and 67 associate professors.

    Astana Medical University: MBBS Course Overview

    MBBS Faculty Establishment 1964
    Medium of Teaching English Language since 2007
    Course Duration 5 years
    Number of Semesters 10 Semesters
    Tuition Fees 4000$



    Acknowledgement and Accreditation

    The Astana Medical University along with all its medical degrees are accredited by the NMC (National Medical Commission), World Health Organization, WFME (World Federation for Medical Education), FAMIER (Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research), and General Medical Council of UK. AMU is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

    Hence an MBBS degree from AMU is recognized all over the world including India.

    Astana Medical University Campus

    Educational Programs 8
    Facilities Lecture halls
    Simulation Center
    Recreation Club,
    Sports medicine Center,
    Research Center,
    Youth Center,
    Scientific Library,
    Scientific Museum,
    Sports Complex
    Indian Mess

    University Hospitals and Buildings

    The Astana Medical University has 5 university buildings, 2 halls of residences, a student cafe and several buffet canteens inside the university buildings. All the academic buildings and residences are all together situated inside a common complex for the comfort of all the university students. All the Academic buildings of the University has lecture halls, practical skills class rooms, laboratories, etc.
    Other than the educational buildings, the Astana Medical University has several clinics, hospitals and medical centres throughout the city. Students can commute through public transports from university buildings to hospitals. Here are few medical centres of the University:

    Simulation Center

    Simulation center id a separate structural unit of the Astana Medical University that is aimed to provide safe and reliable educational environment for teaching clinical skills to all the University students. The Simulation Center gives an opportunity to students to form independent and self-directed learning skills by implementing principle of life-long learning. Clinical skills are taught by the use of Robotic mannequins, models, simulators, automated virtual models, interactive training computer programs, audio-video materials, etc.

    Sports medicine Center

    The sports medicine center was established with the sports club to train students in the sports medicine by aiming at the leadership in education and training students for sports, fitness and promoting healthy lifestyle. Students of Astana Medical University can participate in sports medicine projects held at the university.

    Center for Professional development and Additional Education

    The professional development center is a separate faculty which was transformed into the center later on. The Professional Development was established to improve the skills of the future doctors by implying programs of additional education.

    Facilities Provided By Astana Medical University

    Currently, counting in terms of the educational, scientific research, clinical, and pedagogical work at the university is provided by the specialists of 60 departments that compose 4 main faculties and is offering more than ten degree choices, where over 704 regular lecturers are working, among which there are more than 97 Doctors of Science, over 231 Candidates of Science, over 65 Professors with the academic status, more than 72 Associate Professors, 3 Doctors of Philosophy. Other than these, the university has 2 Dissertational Boards, 8 specialised scientific seminars functioning at the university, and more than 3 scientific medical journals are being published.

    The uniqueness of the university is classified by the University’s academic staff which is distinguished by the high level of qualifications and competency to train the future of medical science of the country and the world.

    Scientific Research Centre

    Astana Medical University has its own Research Center which works on modern technologies and innovations. All students of the Astana Medical University are accessible to the Research Center which means that students can study and participate in scientific research projects of the University.

    Scientific Library

    The huge and massive library with more than ten thousand medical, science, fictional books and magazines is a part of the Astana Medical University. Reading rooms with studious environment are made available in the library. Computer reading rooms for students with access to the Internet is also available for students who wish for e-library.

    Scientific Museum

    A scientific and educational museum which not only tells about the history of the university but also tells about all the innovations and educational technologies that are going to be the future of medicine. All the students of the Astana Medical University can visit the museum at any time.

    Sports Complex

    Astana Medical University has a sports complex with all indoor as well as outdoor games are made available for the leisure of the students. Students are trained on the weekly basis under the faculty of the Physical education and they are encouraged to participate in sports competitions and tournaments held at the university level, city level or state level.

    University Hostels

    Astana Medical University students are provided with hostels for stay in Kazakhstan. All hostels are based on room-sharing for 2 or 4 students depending on the size of the rooms. All hostels have a bathroom in each room, a passenger elevator for all residents of the hostel, washing machines, kitchens on each floor equipped with electric stoves, refrigerators and household items necessary for standardized living in each room, wireless Internet connection Wi-Fi, a recreation room in the hostel for cultural and sports events, music room, common room with TV & cable facility, room for indoor games and a reading room with a collection of national/international newspapers, magazines, etc.

    The hostels has separate courts for Volley Ball, Basket Ball, and Badminton. There is a hostel mess that serves fresh and hygienic food. Astana Medical University assures safety of all students at all the hostels by installing CCTV cameras and checking it live 24 hours. The university has appointed security guards 24 hours a day. A warden is also appointed by the university to ensure that all students get all the facilities of the hostels. Students can ask for any help they want and rightfully use all the facilities and amenities provided for them.

    Student Life At Astana Medical University

    To make student life easy and unforgettable, Astana Medical University has established several centers namely-

    The Center for working with Foreign students

    The Center for Working with Foreign Students is to train foreign students in the educational program of bachelor ‘s degree under the specialty “General Medicine”, by organizing the educational process, analysis and monitoring of the performance of foreign students. The centre uses modern information and communication technologies in educational processes by introducing innovative methods of training. Teaching is conducted in English for foreign students.

    Center for Youth

    The Center of Youth works for the development of university and its cultural values, formation of professional-moral culture of students, creation of conditions for creative self-realization of the individual student and development of each student, organization of social support for students and oorganization of mass cultural and sports events, conferences and seminars.

    The Center for Academic Activities

    The Centre for Academic Activities was created by the decision of the Board of Directors on the basis of the Centre for Planning and Organizing the Educational Process. The Centre ensure compliance with the requirements of educational standards in the areas of training.

    Student Monitoring and student’s registration center

    The centre is a structural unit of the university, acting on the basis of the agreement of the University and in its practical work, guided by the orders and instructions of the Rector. The centre is aimed in maintaining and updating students’ data in an electronic database.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Any Student who wishes to pursue his/her MBBS from Astana Medical University must fulfill the following requirements to be eligible to get admission in this university.

    *Students must have completed their 12th from a recognized board (CBSE/ ICSE/ISC, etc) and must have passed in all the subjects.

    *Qualifying NEET is mandatory before taking admission in a medical university in Russia if the student wishes to practise medicine in India after completing their MBBS in Russia.

    * Student must have a age of 17 years before 31st December of the year of Admission.

    Entrance Exam at Astana Medical University

    Though the admission in Astana Medical University is done on basis of first come, first serve but students who wish to pursue their MBBS from the university need to give an entrance exam before starting their classes of the MBBS course. The exam will be taken after students reach the university in Kazakhstan. This exam is based on 11th and 12th science syllabus of chemistry and biology. Students are not needed to study extra subjects or take any extra classes for this exam as this is a MCQ based exam and is very basic to test your General Knowledge.

    Admission Process

    5 steps to apply to a Foreign Medical university

    • Step 1

      Select Country and University of your Choice

    • Step 2

      Apply online on our website and submit your Documents

    • Step 3

      Receive Admission and Invitation Letter

    • Step 4

      Submit your Documents for Visa and Apostille

    • Step 5

      Fly to your dream university

    Documents Required

    – To apply for the Admission Letter & Visa Invitation Letter: (Scanned Copy)

    ✓ 10th mark sheet and 12th mark sheet

    ✓ A valid Passport with validity not less than 2 years; ( Aadhar Card if Passport not Available )

    – For Visa Stamping, Notarization  and Apostille: (Original Documents)                            

    ✓ Original Passport;

    ✓ 10th and 12th Marksheet and 12th Passing Certificate;

    ✓ Six passport size photos (35mm*45mm) with white background (70% face visible, without spec’s) – Matte

    ✓ HIV test report from Embassy lab only (printed report, not handwritten) with official seal and Name (as in Passport), Age (with Date of Birth) and Passport Number written on it;


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    About Astana City

    Astana City, officially known as the Nur-Sultan is the capital city of Kazakhstan. The Astana city lies on the bank of the Ischim river in the Akmola region in the North-central part of Kazakhstan. The Astana is home to futuristic buildings, hotels and mainly skyscrapers. Astana city attracts millions of tourists every year coming to view its beautiful attractions and world-class infrastructures. The official language of Kazakhstan is Kazakh though majority of people in Kazakhstan speak Russian language. The majority of the Young generation of the Kazakhstan now speaks English.


    The summers are usually hot and humid while the winters are cold. This makes the climate throughout the year continental in Astana. Astana experiences 4 seasons in a year. The lowest temperature seen in the month of January and February is up to -25℃ during which the city’s river is frozen. March being the first month of spring and May, the last month of spring gradually changes from cold to warm climate ranging in average temperatures of 0℃ to 16℃.

    June marks the first month of summer with temperature fluctuating between 18℃ to 27℃. Starting with the most enjoyable season the year, September welcomes the autumn with temperature fluctuating from 15℃ to 6℃. November is considered to be the wintry month of the year with gradually ending the autumn and starting the winter season with first showers of snow in chilly temperature turning into minus degrees. Autumns and springs are usually soothing and calm months of the year with temperature ranging between 5℃ to 20℃.

    Nearest Airport Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport

    The closest airport to Astana Medical University is Nursultan Nazrbayev International Airport commonly called as Astana International Airport. It is in the Akmola region of Kazakhstan. This International airport is the 2nd busiest International air passenger gateway into Central Asia and the 13th busiest airport in the post-soviet states. Astana International Airport is 20 kilometers away from the Astana Medical University and it usually takes 30 to 40 minutes to reach the university from the Airport. There are several buses and other transport system like taxi to reach the airport.

    There are direct lights from India to Astana International Airport at very affordable prices. The quickest flights take 6 to 7 hours from New Delhi International Airport to Astana International Airport. There are several indirect or connecting flights to reach Nur-Sultan via Dubai, Russia, Tashkent, etc.

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