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Why Study MBBS in Russia

As the world's largest nation with 11% of its total landmass, what else is there to find out about Russian Federation? Well, it has an outstanding education standard to complete MBBS in Russia. Which mandates great academic and personal growth of students. Russia has a perfect education system. There also has lesser competition for admission in it's respective universities compared to the other nations. The admission process for Top Russian Medical Universities is easy, transparent and requires no donation for admission. As a result of their high standards of education and comfortable living, these medical universities have immensely improved their ranking. The first batch of Indian medical students went to Russia for MBBS in 1986. Since then, Russia has become a major destination for Indian students to complete MBBS. In all these years, more than 13000 students have returned home to India and have become full-time successful medical practitioners, which is the highest return stduents from any individual country. Well, now you might be wondering what is so special about Russia, what makes it so unique? Our statement is backed up by valid reasons below, so you can get a clear picture of what it means.

Moreover, Russia is one of the few country who pays high attention upon it's medical education standard. It is a popular destination for Indian students to study MBBS, due to it's minimal fee structure. The average tuition fees for MBBS in Russia range from 1.5 lakh to 3 lakh per year. Moreover, Russia has a low cost of living compared to other European countries. Historically, Russian education has been the most popular, but Indian students began going there just a few decades ago. The extensive education system and liable method to promote the education is philanthropic. 

In recent years, Russia has decided to make good investments in medical research. In 2021, Russia spent over $10 billion on medical research, that includes him into the list of the top 10 spenders in the world. Students can easily access all the essential amenities they need, during their General Medicine Course in Russia.  Russian medical universities maintain high standards and a rigorous curriculum. However, some argue that a Russian Medical Degree is not valid in India? Hence, it is not true. The Russian foreign embassy maintains close contact with India and keeps a keen eye on NMC Guidelines. In Russia, the general medicine curriculum follows the NMC guidelines. It includes 54 months of course work and 12 months of internship. After you finish your medical degree in Russia, you can practice medicine in India.

As a medical student, you will get a better return on your time and money spent on medical studies in Russia. We all know that Russia and India have the strong and long age diplomatic relation make Russia the best choice for Indian Studnets. This will benefit Indian MBBS students in Russia. In this blog, we have information for students who want to study MBBS in Russia

Reasons Why MBBS in Russia over other nation - 

  • Cost of education - Medical Students with limited budgets can complete general medicine courses in Russia at an affordable price compared to other foreign countries. The tuition fees for MBBS in Russia is among the most affordable tution fee in the world. As, a Indian MBBS Studnet in Russia, you can easily complete your MBBS under 25 lakhs. No other country can offer a perfect medical education standard same as Russian Medical Universities. Because of its minimal cost, Russia is more likely to be chosen for education than other countries. Not just this, the concept of easy paying rent and having abundant food resources makes it a good country for MBBS Worldwide.


  • Future Proven Medical Infrastructure - The medical infrastructure of Russian Medical universities have infrastructure that gives substantial boost to academic study of students. Whereas, study and practical skills are the solid foundations of a succesful medical carrer. Russian universities provide a solid foundation for both, ensuring that students are well-prepared for their future professions. An improved infrastructure leads to a better education. It is reflected in the infrastructure that is built in Russian medical universities that upholds this famous saying. Russian medical universities have invested heavily in their infrastructure, which includes state-of-the-art facilities and modern laboratories. This has enabled them to provide students with the best possible learning environment, which in turn leads to better education.


  • Good Hands-on-Practice opportunity - Owing to an incredibly huge area of the world's land mass, Russian Medical universities itself has infrastructure that is vast and  consists of - Laboratory, campus that are big and hold the capacity to provide individual benefit to the students.  There will be no any shortage of resources for studnets that hinders their growth and success. Schools, universities, and governments all provide the necessary resources to ensure that all students have access to quality education. This includes access to qualified teachers, textbooks, and digital technology. 


  • Diverse Student Community -  Russian students are diversified and provide the ultimate feeling of natural diversity in the students' community, which enables multiple levels of paradigms and the sense of diversified learning. 


  • Russian medical professionals are in high demand worldwide - The Russian medical degree can increase your chances of getting hired and settling in developed nations like the USA, UK, Germany, and France. As, Russian medical degree is valid worldwide. and Russian medical professionals are welcome everywhere, due to Russia's medical degree validation. ​​​​​​


  • Highly Trained and Experienced Faculty -  Bringing most of the students to Russia and encouraging them to study more will contribute to the growing number of holistic medical practitioners and training educators. And, this has been understood very well by Russia, as there are numbers of studnets who are encouraged and enthusiastic enough to become a scientists and engineers. Russia has invested heavily in education, with special emphasis on science and technology. This has resulted in a large number of qualified professionals, who are ready to take on the challenges of the future. 


  • Receive Knowledge to get exposed with new skills -  Russia has a long and distinguished history of medical education, dating back to the 18th century. Russian Medical Universitites heavily invest upon their medical research, In 2021, Russia spent over $10 billion on medical research, making it one of the top 10 spenders in the world. Rather than going for any other country, student must opt for MBBS in Russia, for the better observation and conceptual clarity of medical. 


  • Safest Country in The world - Russia has an excellent safety record, and its people are known for their friendly and welcoming nature. Indian students in Russia feel safe and at home, thanks to the strong relations between the two countries. Students can confidently interact with their environment and the Russian people.  The Russian people hold ultimate wisdom and great qualities of humanity within them.


  • Simplified VISA Process -   Russia has a simple visa process for students, without the need for an interview or specific documentation. It is relatively easy country to obtain a visa for. Strong relations between India and Russia have made the visa process much easier for Indian citizens. Russia warmly welcomes tourists and students, and offers them special privileges for greater education facilities.


  • International Medical Exposure - The level of medical education in Russia is splendid and offers extravagent of timely experience, when it comes to education and it has received worldwide recognition for its education system. Reputation and triumph have been achieved for Russian medical education system and encourage everyone to be the greatest of all time. Russian medical schools offer quality education and are highly respected around the world. Russian medical graduates are known for their excellent medical skills and their commitment to patient care.

Key Differemce Between MBBS in India VS MBBS in Russia 


MBBS in Russia 

MBBS in India

Complete MBBS under 25 lakhs.

MBBS course starts at 80 lakhs.

Less Competition For Medical Seat

Competition for medical seats is high

Medical Infrastructure is Up-To-Date

Infrastructure Needs Improvement 

High Medical Exposure 

High Medical Exposure 

Unlimited seats 

Limited seat

MBBS syllabus curriculum follow Modern Practice  

Curriculum and infrastructure can be improved 

Russia is one of the finest nations, economically strong and possesses 11% of the earth’s land. The glorified reputation of Russia makes it a centre of attraction for tourism and education. The Russian history of education is extensive and implied to give the best possible education for all. It holds a significant amount of potential within its university that aims to provide substantial improvement and nurturing gesture for students. Every medical university in Russia has an amazing and big infrastructure capable of giving extensive medical exposure for students. The foundation of a successful career starting with a better education and influence of knowledgeable faculty. The Russian education system promises to fulfil the most ambitious dreams for your future. There is a sudden increase of students looking for doing MBBS in Russia, as of now students are likely to incline towards receiving the best possible education. Therefore, we have seen the colossal increment in the number of students making it to Russia. 

Top Ranked MBBS Universities in Russia 



Comparison Between MBBS in Russia VS. MBBS in India 

The prime choice for Most Indian students is to get admission in the Indian medical colleges, but competition for government medical universities and exorbitant high fees structure in the Private MBBS colleges make it tough to get selected. But, students often get to look for better opportunities abroad. However, stringent NMC policies staring around the corner make students anxious about their choice for MBBS abroad.  So, it is important for them to choose a country that fulfils all NMC guidelines. And, one of these countries is “Russia” that has a special place in the list of Best countries for MBBS abroad. In general medicine in Russia, the procedure is fully aligned with the policies of the National Medical Council of Russia (NMC).

The top benefit for studying medicine in Russia, that you are eligible to apply to start practice medicine in any of the nation, and can become general medical practitioner. This means that students have the greater opportunity to complete MBBS in the minimal budget form the most profound medical universities in the world. And, Russia will turned out to be a great investment for your succesful future and foster great medical knowledge during the medical course. 

Why You Should Choose Russia over Indian Medical College

  • Best Infrastructure - There is no doubt that Russian Medical Universities have one of the best infrastructures in the world and own some of the most advanced technologies in the university, so studnets can learn the concept in the most practical way. Whereas, Indian Private Medical Universities or government universities, both have the space of improvements in their infrastructure.  
  • Lower Tuition Fee - Russian medical universities offer significantly lower tuition fees for MBBS, while Indian Medical Universities are famous for their education standard but also for the exorbitant fee structure. Russian universities also provide accommodation and meals in the hostel, while Indian universities charge extra for the same. Russian universities also provide scholarship opportunities to international students, while Indian universities do not.
  • International education exposure - As a student in Russia, you will have the opportunity to experience international education due to the multiple involvements of various demographic students in Russia. You will improve your communication skills and will receive the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds. You will also gain a better understanding of Russian culture and language.
  • Globally Recognized Degree - You will be able to use your medical degree worldwide and will be considered one of the most well-recognized medical students in the world. Russia has also the same standard of education system of Russia and enable the greater value of the education with their profound MBBS curriculum.

What are the Essential documents to study MBBS in Russia ?

The chances are likely high to get recruited into the Russian medical university because of the high number of seats and easy admission process. But, you have to be sure about the documentation to final your MBBS seats. There is a list of the important documents required for MBBS admission in Russia.

  • 10th and 12th class certificate and marksheets.
  • Passport with the minimum validity of 12 months
  • Origional copy of identity proof, such as - Aadhar Card and Pan Card
  • 10 Passport size photos 
  • Tuition Fee receipt 
  • HIV report

Following the submission of the following documents, you will be asked to submit additional documents, which will then be forwarded to the embassy for authorization. Once the documents are authorized, you will receive a confirmation call from us. You will then be required to submit your passport and all necessary documents for visa processing. Finally, you will be informed when your passport is ready for collection. We at MBBSInfo are known for excellence and sent 300+ of students every year. 

Syllabus of MBBS in Russia 

What is the syllabus of MBBS in Russia and what topics are going to be covered in the upcoming medical study? An explanation of the syllabus for the MBBS course in Russia can be found here.




Subjects Covered 


1st - 2nd

Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Nursing, Anatomy, Russian Language, Research, Mathematics. 


3rd - 4th 

Physiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, hygiene, Medical Law, Bioethics and Russian Language


5th - 6th 

Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Internal Medicine, Operative Surgery and Radiology. 


7th - 8th 

Surgery, Dermatology, Obstetrics, Venereology and Gynecology. Public Health, Pediatrics, Urology. 


9th - 10th 

E.N.T, Ophthalmology, Surgical Gynecology, Psychiatry.


11th -12th 

Oncology and radiation Therapy, Intensive care training, Dentistry, Clinical Immunology, General Medicine Practice. 

About Russia

Russia is a nation famous for it's prosperous nature and academic excellence with a rich cultural heritage. In addition to its beauty and prosperity, Russia offers its foreign students a complete splendid education experience. When it comes to the education, Russia do regular inspection of it's university to maintain the education standard for MBBS in Russia. Russia is a global leader in education, helping thousands of students achieve their dreams. Russia as a nation, gives a sense of confidence and fosters the knowledge to become the  best medcial practioner in the world. Russia has a strong heritage of accomplishments and resilience that has enabled it to develop and succeed among nations. This confidence and resilience is reflected in its education system, which is known for its strong learning foundation and commitment to excellence. Russia's education system has a deep focus on developing the skills, knowledge, and values necessary for the country's long-term success. It is the prime destination and available as the Best foreign country for MBBS in the world for the abroad students. This is a great country for students, who want ample opportunity to learn, as the infrastructure of each MBBS University in Russia, is capable of providing enormous opportunity to students. The nation puts a lot of effort into the education system and helps itself grow due to the education system. 

Russia is one of the finest nations, economically strong and possesses 11% of the earth’s land. It holds a significant amount of the foundation of a successful career starting with a better education and great experience. The Russian education system promises to fulfil the most ambitious dreams for your future. There is a sudden increase of students looking for doing MBBS in Russia, as the students are now likely to incline towards receiving the best possible education. 


What Different experience, Russia will offer you -

Russia's geography and climate offer a soothing experience. Major cities like St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Vladivostok are among the most beautiful cities in the world, attracting tourists from all over. As you explore Russian cities, you'll experience a unique and vibrant culture, shaped by the country's rich history and diverse people. Russia is the world's largest nation and it covers 11% geographical area of the world, and it has 11 time zones. There are more than 142 million people living in Russia and more than 110 language spoken in the Russia, except of the Russian Language.  Apart from the being the world's biggest nation, it is a powerhouse and well-established economically strong country. Russia is a strong democracy with robust laws and regulations. It takes great care to protect foreign students and maintain close ties with them. 

Advantages for Indian Students to study in Russia, is that both nations have the same cultural aspect and share the history of long fruitful relations. There is a long standing relation, between India and Russia, where both nation's relation marked by the economically and politically strong in the realm of the International Relation. There has been a successful exchange of education between the two nations, which started years of ago and still attracts the Indian Medical Students to persue their Medical degree. The cost of living is minimal in Russia, compared to the other European nations, and offers quality life for students. Russia’s strong democracy and economics allows us to see the power of education at its best. The Russian economy is strong and its democracy is resilient, which showcases the very reason why it is the prime destination for education. This makes Russia an attractive destination for students looking for an affordable and quality life. In addition, Russia's education system is very strong, and it offers a wide range of opportunities for students to pursue their interests. The opportunity of studying in Russia, opens the gate of phenomenal education and to receive clinical rotation and valuable practical experience. 

Climate in Russia 

Russia is known for its cold climate, but it is not that harsh and unbearable, every classroom in each medical university is centrally heated. This keeps students comfortable, allowing them to focus on their studies. Students are advised to carry thermal clothing  to wear during the winter, ensuring that they remain warm.

MBBS in Russia : A Quick Overview - Admission Details, Course Duration and eligibility
Intake For MBBS In Russia September and July
MBBS Course Durations 6 Years
Eligibility Of MBBS In Russia 10+2 with science stream
Medium of Teaching English
IELTS & TOEFL Not Required
MBBS Fees in Russia 18 Lakhs To 25 Lakhs
University Recongnitions WHO, NMC, WDOMS and many others
Cost of Living in Russia 8k to 12k

MBBSInfo Top 4 Universities For MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia Eligibility

The eligiblity for MBBS admission in Russia, Indian students must:

  • Have passed 10+2 or an equivalent exam in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.
  • Have scored at least 50% marks in PCB subjects in Class 12 for unreserved categories and 40% marks for reserved categories.
  • Be at least 17 years old and there is no maximum age limit for admission.
  • Have qualified the NEET exam and have a valid scorecard (50th percentile for unreserved categories and 40th percentile for reserved categories).

In simpler terms:

To study MBBS in Russia, Indian students must have completed high school with good grades in science and math, and they must also have passed the NEET exam. Students must be age of 17.  Moreover, Students can also study MBBS in Russia without qualifying the NEET exam. However, if they want to practice medicine in India after graduating, they must clear the NEET exam.

Documents Required
MBBS Documents Required
X & XII Marksheets
MBBS Documents Required
NEET Scorecard
MBBS Documents Required
MBBS Documents Required
Passport Size Photo
MBBS Documents Required
MBBS Documents Required
Bank Statement
Process of MBBS Admission in Russia

The MBBS admission process in Russia for Indian students is among the most straightforward in foreign countries. We have compiled the information students need to keep in mind, as well as the steps and procedures for admission to Russian medical universities.

Step 1 : Choose the univerity, aligns with your academic goal and is budget freindly. Here, MBBSinfo. extensive years of experience can help you, in selecting best medical university. 

Step 2 : Fill out the enquiry form and submit your contact detail and recive the counseling. 

Step 3 : Recieve the call and get all the detail about Russian Medical Universities - Cost, Eligblity Details, Fee and Country's details. 

Step 4 : Submit the origional documents and sent them for notarization (Official Government Stamp) 

Step 5 : Pay the tuition fee of the first year 

Step 6 : Pack your luggage and aboard on plane to reach, your much awaited medical ubniversity.

Russia at Glance

Brief Points of Russia's characterstics - 

  • Russia has 11 time zones, and traveling through them can give you a unique experience that is akin to traveling to different worlds.
  • Russia capital is Moscow.
  • The official Currency of Russia is Rubel
  • Russia is home to over 142 million people, making it the ninth most populous country in the world
  • Russia is a major economic power, with the world's sixth largest economy by nominal GDP.
  • The official language of Russia is Russian, but there are over 100 other languages spoken in the country.
  • 71% People Follows Russian Orthodox Christanity, and islam 6.5%. Both these religions are mostly followed in the Russia. 

Advantage of Study in Russia

The goal of every medical student is to receive a high quality education system from a medical university to increase their chances of becoming a successful Doctor. Nevertheless, rising medical college fees present a barrier in their path to achieving their dreams. But, this is not a hindrance anymore for the students who persist in doing MBBS in Russia. As, here we have discussed the many Benefits for MBBS students in Russia - 

1. Low Cost of education - Russian education costs are minimal and MBBS education costs are substantial. Almost everyone can afford the medical education system thanks to the frequent government funding provided by the Russian government. The MBBS course in Russia ranges between 15 - 35 lakhs.

2. Demand of Russian Medical Degrees - There is a great demand for Russian medical degree holders worldwide. They are welcome to practise medicine in the most famous countries. Such as - USA, UK, Germany, France and many more.

3. Futuristic Education - The education of Russian Medical Universities simply covers the most fundamental aspects of Medical Education standard. Students get a rigorous medical education that trains them in theory and practice. Moreover,  the use of new technology makes the learning experience perfect.

4. English Medium MBBS Course - Many medical universities in Russia offer MBBS programs in English, making it a good option for international students who may not be fluent in Russian or any other foreign language.

5. Government-funded university - The Russian medical universities are supervised by the government, making medical education the most affordable in the world.

6. Strong Relation of India and Russia - Everyone looks for a country that has strong ties to each other before deciding on a trip. On top of that, studying in a foreign country is a major decision that requires deep introspection. When investigating which country has a strong relationship with India, Russia emerges as an all-time friend. Indian students studying MBBS in Russia now benefit from the historical ties between the two nations.

Disadvantage of Study in Russia

  • Language Barrier - The Language might be constraints, while studying MBBS in Russia. Because, outside of the university, people are not that affluent in speaking in english. But, in the university, faculties and all the teachers are fluent in english. Studnets can openly discuss about their study enquiry and issues with teachers.  


  • Long-Way From Home - Russia is a large country, and it can be expensive and time-consuming to travel back and forth from home. Staying in touch with friends and family is difficult, and getting home in an emergency is also difficult.


  • New Culture  - Some students may have difficulty adjusting to the new culture of Russia, but the Russian people are affable and welcome every new stranger with open arms.


  • Weather and Jet Lag - It can be difficult for new students to adjust to the weather and jet lag in Russia, especially in the winter when the days are short and the nights are long. Students coming from warmer climates can struggle with the cold weather and jet lag can make it hard to sleep and wake up on time.

While there are some disadvantages to studying MBBS in Russia, such as the language barrier, the cold climate, and the cultural differences, these disadvantages are not absolute. If students are able to manage their time and circumstances effectively, they can experience amazing growth and unprecedented success in the medical profession.

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