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NEXT Exam - Date, Eligibility, Pattern, and Syllabus in 2024


"NEXT exam" is one of the foremost medical exams in India after NEET, it is the second stepping stone for aspiring medical aspirants to become a professional healthcare expert.

Also, the NEXT exam has caused unexplained traits and confusion among medical students. But, what exactly is the NEXT exam and how is it going to affect the life of the medical students? Well, first of all - "NEXT exam serves as a mandatory exam for the students in order to achieve a license for practice medicine in India". And, also to get admission for a PG medical course.

In a simple language, it is a licensing exam and is a mandatory exam to take PG admission in India.

The NExT exam is a mandatory licensing exam for all medical students in India. It is required for both admission to postgraduate medical programs and for obtaining a license to practice medicine.

We will examine the implications of the NEXT exam and understand what future it holds for the students? It doesn't matter anymore, irrespective of nations, every aspirant has to clear the next exam to obtain a license.


Important Dates OF The "NEXT Exam" -

  • NEXT Step 1 Exam - February 2028.
  • NEXT Step 2 Exam - February 2029.


How "Next" exam came into existence ?

The Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) has been replaced by the National Exit Test (NExT) in 2021, which is now the required medical exam to get a license to practice medicine in India and to have the title of Dr. in front of one's name. The National Exit Test (NExT) is set to replace the NEET PG exams in India after 2023.

The NExT exam will be used to assess the skills of foreign medical graduates before they are allowed to practice medicine in India. It will replace the MCI Screening Test, which is currently used for this purpose.

The National Medical Commission will conduct the NExT exam as a computer-based test (CBT) in stages. The details of the NExT exam pattern are available below. The NExT exam is a significant change for medical education in India. It is a new and challenging exam, but it is an essential step to ensure the quality of medical care in the country.


"Next" Exam Pattern in 2024 -


Full Form of “Next”

National Exit Test 

“Next” Implementation Expected? 

December 2023 (Expected)

Primary Body To Conduct Next exam

AIIMS, New Delhi 

NEET 2023 Exam Modes


NEET Paper Patterns 

Step 1

Step 2



What is the implication of the "Next Exam" For students?

Students who are going to pursue MBBS in 2024 are the first to appear for the Next exam. Prior to the introduction of the NExT exam, Indian medical students were required to complete five years of MBBS coursework. However, with the implementation of the NExT exam, it has been added to the final year of the MBBS curriculum of India.

This means that students will now take their MBBS final year exam and the NExT exam in the same year. As we know it will be implemented from the year of February 2028, (As per the official data).


Every Details of the "Next" -

First let’s understand what is the "Next" exam for students doing MBBS in India in 2024 and how it has changed the curriculum of MBBS -

  • 1st Year - 1 Year - 1st Prof exam
  • 2nd Year - 1.5 Year - 2nd Prof exam
  • 3rd Year - 1 Year - 3rd Prof exam
  • 4th Year - 1 Year - 4th Prof exam. (NO)
  • Total - 4.5 Years


Implication of NExT exam For MBBS in INDIA 2024-

The National Exit Test (NExT) will replace the fourth professional exam for MBBS students starting in 2024. This is a significant change to the medical education system in India, and it is important for students to be aware of the new requirements.

The National Exit Test (NExT) will be a two-step exam, with the first step (NExT 1) serving as the final year MBBS exam. Students must clear NExT 1 in order to be eligible for an internship. If a student fails to clear NExT 1, they will have the opportunity to reattempt it after six months.

After passing the NExT 1 exam and completing your internship, you will need to take another exam, called the NExT 2 exam, to be eligible for admission to postgraduate medical programs.

The NExT exam will be a single, comprehensive exam that will assess students' knowledge and skills in all aspects of medicine. It will be a mandatory exam for both admission to postgraduate medical programs and for obtaining a license to practice medicine in India.


Implication of NExT exam For MBBS abroad in 2024-

  • Many countries have a six-year MBBS program, consisting of five years of academic study and one year of internship. Students who graduated from “MBBS in 2021” will need to take the FMGE exam to obtain a license to practice medicine in India. They do not need to take the NExT exam to be eligible for postgraduate medical programs or to use the title of "Doctor" before their name.
  • Medical students who have secured admission to “MBBS in abroad“ in 2022, 2023, or 2024 will be required to take the NExT exam.


Syllabus of The NExT exam

  • The NExT exam will be a computer-based examination that will assess students' knowledge and skills in all aspects of the four-year MBBS curriculum.
  • The National Medical Commission (NMC) requires all medical students in India to clear the NExT 1 and NExT 2 exams within 10 years of joining their MBBS program.


Here are some tips for preparing for the NExT exam:


  • Time and Tide” wait for none, try to avoid bundling up the entire syllabus, give yourself time for going through the syllabus first.
  • To prepare for the NExT exam, it is important to focus on your MBBS curriculum and syllabus, as the exam will cover all of the material you have learned in your medical school program.
  • Create a study schedule. Decide how much time you need to study each day and week, and stick to your schedule as much as possible.
  • Use a variety of study materials. There are many different resources available to help you prepare for the NExT exam, including textbooks, online courses, and practice tests.
  • Take breaks. Don't rush up to end the syllabus in hours. Get up and move around every 20-30 minutes to avoid getting burnt out.

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