MBBS in Russia For Indian Students

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MBBS in Russia For Indian Students



The Confusion about the university might lead you to select the wrong university. So, it is important to have a clear idea about the university and to be careful while selecting university. To refine your decision, just go through our written guide about How to choose the Best Medical University in Russia. It can give you a broad idea and will strengthen your decision making ability.


We all know, how difficult it can be, for any native student plans to go abroad for education, they likely to come across queries. It can be a life-changing experience for native students, also can be an overwhelming experience associated with a lot of questions to answer. Don't worry, we are here to help.

The Journey of a passionate career starts with selecting the right university and obtaining a good education. A perfect university that aligns with your education goal, lays the Intense foundation of a great career. However the process of selecting the university requires a considerable amount of attention and time. But, you can cut the time short for you by going on further with this guide. We are going to provide you, some check points after verifying these check points with your dream university, you will be one step away from getting admission in the Top Medical College in Russia.


When it comes to MBBS education, there is no nation other than Russia. It Provides phenomenal education and exceptional practical skillset. The Russian Federation is very interested in providing education for foreign students. This interest has earned them a top ranking in the list of Best Country For MBBS Abroad. India and Russia have strong diplomatic and economic relations. These relations will benefit students. If you want to complete MBBS under 15 to 20 lakhs from abroad, then Russia can be a country for you. 

In the past significant steps have been taken by the Russian Government to make living condition comfortable and education exclusive in the Russian Federation. As a result of up-bringing the existing infrastructure, the list of Top Medical College in Russia is increasing excessively. The infrastructure has changed most profoundly into the university, now each student receives the equal equipment to learn. There will be no lack of resources so students can have the opportunity to succeed. 


The following are a few steps to help Indian medical students find the best medical university in Russia:

  • Global Recognition : It is good to have the idea of the university reputation on the global scale. Having a clear idea about the university's reputation helps you to make a better decision. As it can help you understand the quality of education and experience you can expect. Knowing a medical university's reputation, its history and feedback from other fellow foreign medical students and experienced admission experts give you a broad overview and strengthen your decision-making ability.

To have a clear idea about any university in Russia, you can just simply send us a message by being connected with us. Our admission experts will give you a complete overview of the university. If you want to have a complete overview of the university from University ranking to infrastructure and hostel you can contact us. As a result of their continuous progress in the education field, our mentioned Top medical universities in Russia, has gained prominence position in the recent years.

Here is the list of the Best Universities in Russia that are National Medical Council (NMC) recognised - 

  • Fees :  For Indian medical students, Russia is the best country for MBBS, since it offers a variety of facilities, and exceptional medical education at an affordable cost. You can complete your MBBS under 14 to 20 lakhs from Russia, and can start medical practice in India after completing your MBBS in Russia. Indian government prime medical educational authority MCI gives the highest preference to Russia in its list of approved MBBS universities abroad. Russia is an extremely popular destination for MBBS education. 


  • Infrastructure : The Infrastructure of the university should be able to serve a large number of students effectively and must be conducive to learn that provides equals of opportunity. Moreover, university should provide the necessary resources to ensure that all students have the same access to high-quality education. This includes access to technology, access to learning materials, and access to safe, comfortable learning environments. The university should also work to create a diverse and inclusive campus culture. 


  • Culture and People : Russia's culture is warm and welcoming, everyone will feel comfortable in Russia. Because of the country's welcoming and affable nature. Since decades, there has been no hate report that has been submitted by any student in Russia. 


  • Location : When choosing a university, it's important to also consider the location as first. Because, we all know that location determines the availability of the specific resources to make learning easier than ever. Universities near cities allow students to explore nearby medical industries and organizations. This proximity allow students to get the exposure of the real-world experience. If your medical institute is located to near of the university then you will have ultimate benefits. The connectivity to other part of the city will be easier, you can travel back and forth within the cities. The cost of living in the city can vary depending on the location. It is important to consider the location when deciding on rent.

Russian federation has been a nation where educational opportunity always thrives and open the door of new possiblity, due to the presence of Best MBSS univeristy in Russia. The milestone for the establishment of higher educational faculty and best infrastructure contributes in elevating the gretaness of the Russiamn Federation. 

NMC New Rules For MBBS abroad

As we all are aware, the MCI is notoriously infamous for the complex policies for MBBS abroad education. These policies are often difficult for students to understand and navigate, leading to many delays and misunderstandings. MCI has also implemented strict requirements, such as requiring students to complete medical internship in the country, which further complicates the process. 

So, here is MCI new policies about MBBS abroad education in 2024, that validate and give you permit to start medical practice in India - 

  1. The course duration of MBBS in Russia  For Indian Students must be of 54 months and must be equivalent to the MBBS course in India. 
  2. 12 months of internship from the same medical institute is compulsory. 
  3. The syllabus and structure should match the academic standard of the Indian MBBS course education. 
  4. In order to be qualified to start medical practice in India, it is important to clear the FMGE exam. 

ALL, these mentioned conditions makes it inevitable for students to be more focussed and resilient during their MBBS course in Russia. As, Indian government requires professional and proficient health professionals in their country. Students are moving towards the Best Medical Universities in Russia in greater numbers due to its growing reputation.

Why Russian Medical Universities? 

Russian Medical Universities are the best for the Indian MBBS students, who are having trouble acquiring medical seats in India. Are Russian Medical Universities best compared to Indian Private Medical Colleges? Yes they are, Despite the limited budget, Russian medical colleges give education that is admirable and worth noticing. 

This table will help you to make your decision about your MBBS destination -


MBBS in Russia

MBBS in India

Budget (Included everything)

20 Lakh - 50 lakh (Govt. Colleges)

50 Lakhs - 1 Crore (Pri. Colleges)


Lesser Competition 

Intense and hard



Need Improvement

Medical Seats 



Global Reputation

Certified with major health bodies

Certified with major health bodies

Cost Living 

10k -12K (Depend on lifestyle)

12k-15k (Depend on lifestyle)

Admission Process

Easy and Hassle Free

Can be a little hectic

Medium of teaching 

English For General Medicine

English or respective state 


Education Standard 

High Qualified teacher and medical experts

High Qualified Teacher and medical experts


  1. Currency strength is equal : Russia’s currency (Ruble) and Indian currency (Rupees), have the same exchange rate. Thus, your living expenses in Russia are going to be the same as Indian expenses.

(1 Ruble = 0.90 Rupees) in 2023, But currencies are favorable to fluctuate.

FMGE/NEXT exam : Most of the Top Medical Universities in Russia provide coaching for the NEXT exam. So it is going to be easy to clear the exam and to start medicine practice in India. On the top of that due to the high education standard, you will feel comfortable in attempting any specific country's exam, whether it is - USA, UK, Germany or INDIA. The standard of living and impeccable education standard emphasis studnets in gaining the top learning or education standard in achieving knowledge of foremost standard. 


Ratio of Teacher to Student : Teacher to Student ratio in Russian Medical Universities, is available for the large number of student groups. In other words, every student receives individual attention from the teacher. All of teachers and faculty in Russian medical universities empowers the studnets in taking neccesary steps to ensure brighter future for the MBBS aspirants. 


High-tech Infrastructure and facilities : Russia employs significant infrastructure in their medical colleges. Because of this hi-tech infrastructure in colleges, students are going to embrace their practice learning. 


Amazing Standard of Living : The standard living of Russia, is truly amazing and gives an opportunity to develop a sustainable lifestyle. Since Russia is a major developing nation it gives the option to experience an amazing vibrant culture. 


Economical Living Expense : The living standard in Russia is lavish at economical expense, however it is also to be noted that it also depends on how you choose to spend money. If you allocate your total amount according to your expenses then it is going to be easy to manage your MBBS in abroad.


Achieve new heights : Russia is not just limited to providing the best general medicine education but it is also a great spot in developing an overall immense personality of a student.


Globally Recognized Degree : Russia’s MBBS degree is worldwide recognized and holders of degrees recognized by Russia medical colleges are welcome in every country.


Research Opportunity : Russian Medical Universities always put special emphasis on making amazing contributions towards medical development.



Medical education is the most fundamental aspect of becoming a proficient health professional. Therefore, it is essential to carefully research the available universities and choose one that suits your needs and goals. Having a good understanding of the quality of medical colleges in Russia is crucial to determining the correct preference order of universitieis for MBBS admission in Russia.