Orenburg State Medical University

About Orenburg State Medical University , Russia

The Orenburg State Medical Institute, also known as OrSmU or OSMU was established in the year 1944. On July 15, 1994, the institute was transformed into Orenburg State Medical University by the decision of State committee of Russian Federation. Orenburg State Medical University is one of the oldest and globally recognized medical universities in Russia. Situated in the Orenburg City of Russia, the university is consistently being included among the top medical universities. The University is a great encouragement to the education, science, economy and social sphere of Orenburg city and the Orenburg region.

The first doctors graduated from Orenburg State Medical University under post-graduation program in May 1946. Graduates of the Orenburg State Medical University are currently working in state and private medical and preventive institutions, graduates are on higher and leading positions in state administrative structures, solve primary issues on the development of modern medicine. Over 3000 students and 1000 listeners at the Department of post-graduate program for specialists’ study at the University, about 500 professionals in Medicine graduate from the university every year. Currently, 555 members of scientific and research staff work at the University, there are 93 Doctors of Medicine and 298 Associates of Medicine among them.

The Academy includes 8 departments in the following directions: General Medicine, Paediatrics, Preventive care, Clinical psychology, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing care and Department of post-graduate training for specialists, 56 chairs, preliminary courses for entering the university, internship, residency, post-graduate training and higher doctorate, 4 dissertation committees, scientific and innovative center of research coordination, the clinic, the laboratory of digital educational technologies, educational simulation center and other structural subdivisions.

Orenburg State Medical University : Quick Overview

Also Known As OSMU
Establishment August, 1944
University ownership Government University
  • Country Rank- 233
  • World Rank- 5109
  • Total Students 40000+
    International Students 5000+
    Location Orenburg, Russia

    MBBS at Orenburg State Medical University

    The medicine course at Orenburg State Medical university is a full-time course under the department of “General Medicine”. The 6 years of academic program include curriculum of 21,600 class hours out of which major subjects are studied for 7000 class hours. More than 26 Doctors and 88 medical tech candidates teach at the department of General Medicine.

    Practical training starts after the first year and continues in different levels until the time of graduation. After the completion of the first year, students get to start their basic practical training under the medical attendants of the department. After 2nd year, students learn clinical skills under the charge nurse. After the completion of 3rd year, the students start their clinical rotations and learn treatment and diagnosis under the treatment nurse. After 4th year, students can learn under the hospital-based physician.

    Orenburg State Medical University also offers Post-graduation program. Before post-graduation, students will have to do Internship in 18 specialties in the hospital and then can apply for Residency of 2 years under 28 specialties. The University provides a golden opportunity to study medicine in Russia to domestic as well as International students.


    Orenburg State Medical University : MBBS Course Overview

    MBBS Faculty Establishment 15 July, 1994
    Medium of Teaching English Language
    Course Duration 6 years
    Number of Semesters 12 Semesters
    Tuition Fees 4000$



    Acknowledgement and Accreditation

    The Orenburg State Medical University is well-recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) now National Medical Commission (NMC) and approved by World Health Organizations (WHO), certified by Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and the General Medical Council (UK). The university is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and hence recognized by the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) and World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)

    Hence an MBBS degree from OSMU is recognized Worldwide including in India.

    Orenburg State Medical University Campus

    Educational Programs 100+
    Facilities Lecture halls
    University Library
    Modern classrooms
    Sports Clubs
    Arts clubs
    Study Halls
    Indian Mess

    University Hospitals and Buildings

    The Orenburg State Medical University has more than 20 hospitals associated with the university including 6 multi-field specialties, 2 military hospitals and 12 specialized clinics for clinical training in different centers including perinatal center, maternity home, neurological hospital, dermato-venerologic dispensary, mental hospitals and isolation hospitals. The University has several departments in different parts of the city for General Medicine, Paediatrics, Preventive care, Clinical psychology, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing care and Department of post-graduate training for specialists and other departments of pathology, pharmacy, etc.

    All the academic buildings of the Orenburg State Medical University have medical laboratories for developing interests among students and teaching new research activities to students. The university has a broad range of collections of medical, scientific books in English written by International authors. All students are provided with the study materials needed for their academic progress. All University buildings and hospitals are up to par with International standards with modern infrastructures and innovative technologies.

    Facilities Provided By Orenburg State Medical University

    The university has well-equipped modern classrooms and libraries with thousands of collections of books which students can get free of cost. Orenburg state medical university has several laboratories to facilitate participation in research. The University provides all students with well managed and accommodated hostels for all students.

    A new structural department called “Sports club” has been established by the University. The main aim of this club is organizing and improving sports work with students, promoting healthy lifestyle and progression of sportsmanship. The sports club is an educational and training structural subdivision of the university. Sports club consists of 12 sports leagues functioning in the Club including aerobics, swimming, basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, track-and-field athletics, table tennis, lifting, skiing, chess, etc.

    The Orenburg State Medical University has been preparing to open a new sports club to increase the opportunities of sports for students. All students are given equal opportunity to participate in competitions of municipal, regional, interregional and national level. The sports club organizes intramural competitions among students. The university always welcomes new students who are fond of sports and ready to participate in sports tournaments and competitions.

    University Hostels

    Orenburg State Medical University provides three hostels for all local as well as International medical students. All hostels have rooms shared by 2 to 3 students and accommodated with 2 single or bunker beds, 2 desks, 2 chairs, 2 bookshelves, a regular wardrobe and modern furniture’s and innovative lights. Every floor has kitchen with all necessary amenities for students to self-cook and all hostels have a common laundry room, shower rooms and washrooms, study rooms, cloakrooms for keeping winter jackets, etc. Each Hostel has a libraries/studyroom for students to study effectively.

    Orenburg State Medical University primarily aims at forming social and standardized living conditions for all its students; improving and activating work of self-government bodies; forming conditions for personal development and realization of creative activity, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

    Orenburg State Medical University assures the safety of all students at university hostels by installing CCTV cameras that run 24/7. The university has appointed security guards 24 hours a day. A warden is also appointed by the university to ensure that all students get all the facilities of the hostels. Students can ask for any help they want and rightfully use all the facilities and amenities provided for them.

    Student Life At Orenburg State Medical University

    The Orenburg State Medical University organizes several educational and social work with students for self-development as well as development of the university and the society.

    Educational work of the Orenburg State Medical University involves adaptation of students to studies at the university involving self-government bodies meeting of students with self-government bodies; organization and participation in conferences, round table meetings, contests; organization and participation in creative festivals, evenings of poetry, hours of literature; cultural and educational tourism; formation of construction teams, teams for provision of fire safety; organization of intramural and leisure events; running of annual students’ festivals like “The days of knowledge, initiation into students, Miss of the Orenburg State Medical University, Club of the Funny and Inventive”

    The Orenburg State Medical University promotes physical cultural and health-improving work and mass sport work involving participation in sports holidays of the university, traditional sports events of the city and region, organization of work of sports sections. The university conducts work of students’ self-government bodies that includes committee of students, students’ scientific society, team of law protection, voluntary students’ movement, students’ council of hostels, etc. students’ self-government bodies promote healthy lifestyle by participating in the contest “Reproductive health of young people”, etc. Prophylaxis of drug, alcohol and other addiction: running of actions devoted to the Global refuse from smoking, struggle with AIDS, etc., organization of lectures of neurologists to the students are some activities conducted by these students’ forums.

    Students of the Orenburg State Medical University participate in cultural activities of the university like dance, music, theatre, arts, drams, etc. All students are smartly involved in extra-curricular activities along with academics which distinguishes the Orenburg State Medical University among other medical universities. All students of different cultures come together and stay as a family in the campus of the university making the university proud of their talent and uniqueness.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Any Student who wishes to pursue his/her MBBS from Orenburg State Medical University must fulfill the following requirements to be eligible to get admission in this university.

    *Students must have completed their 12th from a recognized board (CBSE/ ICSE/ISC, etc) and must have passed in all the subjects.

    *Qualifying NEET is mandatory before taking admission in a medical university in Russia if the student wishes to practise medicine in India after completing their MBBS in Russia.

    * Student must have a age of 17 years before 31st December of the year of Admission.

    Entrance Exam at Orenburg State Medical University

    Students who want to pursue MBBS from the university under the faculty of “General Medicine” are admitted in Orenburg State Medical University based on entrance exam. After reaching the university in Orenburg, students must pass this entrance exam which is a MCQ exam based on pre-medical subjects of 11th and 12th syllabus – Chemistry and Biology. These subjects are to test your knowledge before starting the MBBS course.

    Students do not need to prepare separately or learn new things for this exam as the entrance exam is very basic and consists of questions from the 11th and 12th Standard.

    Admission Process

    5 steps to apply to a Foreign Medical university

    • Step 1

      Select Country and University of your Choice

    • Step 2

      Apply online on our website and submit your Documents

    • Step 3

      Receive Admission and Invitation Letter

    • Step 4

      Submit your Documents for Visa and Apostille

    • Step 5

      Fly to your dream university

    Documents Required

    – To apply for the Admission Letter & Visa Invitation Letter: (Scanned Copy)

    ✓ 10th mark sheet and 12th mark sheet

    ✓ A valid Passport with validity not less than 2 years; ( Aadhar Card if Passport not Available )

    – For Visa Stamping, Notarization  and Apostille: (Original Documents)                            

    ✓ Original Passport;

    ✓ 10th and 12th Marksheet and 12th Passing Certificate;

    ✓ Six passport size photos (35mm*45mm) with white background (70% face visible, without spec’s) – Matte

    ✓ HIV test report from Embassy lab only (printed report, not handwritten) with official seal and Name (as in Passport), Age (with Date of Birth) and Passport Number written on it;


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    About Orenburg City

    The Orenburg State Medical University is located in the Orenburg city of Russia. Orenburg is a city in Russia located in the Southern Urals, at the junction of Europe and Asia, about 1,455 km south-east of Moscow. This city is the administrative centre of Orenburg Oblast. Orenburg city is situated along the River Ural and is unofficially called as the “Asian capital of Russia”. Orenburg city is well-known for its Ural river that marks as the border of Asia and Europe and there is a bridge connecting the two sides which is very popular in the Orenburg Oblast.

    The Orenburg city sees thousands of tourists every year visiting one of the famous symbols of this city that are unique “Orenburg shawls made of goat down” that are distinguished by fine workmanship, original pattern, beauty of decoration, durability, and ability to keep warm. Few incredible architectural monuments that have endured since the founding of the city, monumental art, local traditions, museums, theatres, etc. create a special unique atmosphere of the city and proudly sanction Orenburg to be considered as the unique city with a rich culture and history.

    Weather of Orenburg-

    The climate of Orenburg city is moderately continental transitional to sharply continental. Summers are hot, warm and dry; winters are moderately cold. Temperatures fluctuate greatly depending on the time of day and wind direction.

    In summer, the temperature can rise to plus 40 degrees Celsius or drop to plus +10 degrees Celsius. In winters, the weather ranges from mild frosts to severe cold weather, sometimes mild freezes or severe colds down to -40℃. The average temperature in winters is -12℃ and the average temperature in summers is + 22.3℃. January is the coldest month of the year with average temperature of -15℃ to -20℃ and the warmest month of the year is considered July with average temperature of +20℃ to +27℃.

    Springs are experienced in the month of April with liquefying snows turning to brown muds and temperatures transferring from minus to plus. Autumns are colourful during September with a peaceful climate around 0℃ to 10℃ temperatures.

    Nearest Airport Orenburg International Airport

    The major nearest airport to the Orenburg State Medical University is Orenburg International Airport that is 24.7 kilometers away from the center of the university.

    It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to reach the airport from the Orenburg State Medical University or vice versa. Students can rent a taxi or bus for traveling from the university to the Airport. There are no direct flights from India to Orenburg State Medical University. Students have to take connecting flights with halt via Moscow. Moscow is 1445 kilometers away from Orenburg which will take around 2 hours and 30 minutes flight to reach Orenburg from Moscow.

    Other than Orenburg International airport, there are several other airports to Orenburg city like Kurumoch (KUF) is the International airport of Samara city of Russia which is 385 kilometers away and Ulyanovsk Vostochny airport located in Ulyanovsk city of Russia which is 537 kilometers away.

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