Volgograd State Medical University

About Volgograd State Medical University, Russia

Volgograd State Medical University is one of the oldest universities founded in 1935 as the Stalingrad Medical Institute. In 2012, the Volgograd State Medical University became one of the largest and a highly reputable university both in Russia and abroad. The university was established in and is currently headed by a prominent Russian scientist and the academician of the Russian academy for medical sciences. The university proudly owns a high-qualified teaching staff, advanced researchers and world-famous experienced physicians.

The University ranks very high among the medical schools of the Russian Federation. The university has been training International students since 1962 from 113 states of the former Soviet Union, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, etc. Over the period, more than 3000 International students are trained to be physicians, pediatricians, pharmacists, dentists, etc. Since 2000, Volgograd State Medical University has been training International students in English language.

Volgograd State Medical University provides wide range of possibilities, experienced faculties, broad exposure to clinical practice with reasonable tuition fees and hostel accommodations. The university offers education in several departments and colleges of General Medicine, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Psychology, etc. Volgograd State Medical University offers post-graduation to local as well as International students. Over 70 International students are currently studying specialization under the post-graduation program of the university.

Volgograd State Medical University: Quick Overview

Also Known As VSMU
Establishment 1935
University ownership Government University
  • Country Rank- 103
  • World Rank- 3103
  • Total Students 3,000+
    International Students 25,000+
    Location Volgograd, Russia

    MBBS at Volgograd State Medical University

    The faculty of general medicine of Volgograd State Medical University was founded in the year 1935. Volgograd State Medical University has been providing medical education for more than 85 years for foreign students from over 100 countries under the “faculty of General Medicine”. The university has so far trained more than 25,000 doctors, physicians and medical practitioners of the world. More than 200 graduate students are currently studying at the theoretical and clinical departments of the faculty.

    Training in the specialty “General Medicine” is carried out in 52 departments, 26 of which are administratively related to the Faculty of Medicine, and are part of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Medicine. Training in the specialty is carried out by a highly qualified teaching staff of 562 professors, 125 associate professors, assistants and 831 faculty members. 81% of the staff of the departments of the Faculty of Medicine have academic degrees.  The scientific merits of the university teachers are marked with high State titles and awards. Among the heads of departments and professors of the departments of the Faculty of Medicine, three are academicians of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, six are Honoured Scientists of the Russian Federation and one is an Honoured Worker of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation. The irresistible majority of teachers in clinical departments have the highest medical category.

    The course of general medicine is a full-time course taught completely in English medium for 6 years. The entire course includes over 7,500 hours of training students theoretically as well as practical training. The duration of the practical training is for 18 hours in the university hospitals as well as clinics of the city associated with the university. The clinical subjects are taught completely in hospitals under the instructions of the head of the department.

    Volgograd State Medical University: MBBS Course Overview

    MBBS Faculty Establishment 1935
    Medium of Teaching English Language
    Course Duration 6 years
    Number of Semesters 12 Semesters
    Tuition Fees 6,000$



    Acknowledgement and Accreditation

    Volgograd State Medical University (VSMU) is accredited by the Russian Ministry of Education for the teaching of both Russian and foreign students.

    The Volgograd State Medical University along with all its medical degrees are accredited by the NMC (National Medical Commission), World Health Organization, WFME (World Federation for Medical Education), FAMIER (Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research), and General Medical Council of UK. VSMU is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

    Hence an MBBS degree from VSMU is recognized all over the world including India.

    Volgograd State Medical University Campus

    Educational Programs 8
    Facilities Lecture halls
    Multi-profile Hospitals
    Simulation Center
    University Library
    Computer laboratories
    Sports Complex
    Gym, Wifi

    University Hospitals and Buildings

    Volgograd State Medical University have 4 main buildings located in the centre of the city. First three years of the course are taught in these 4 buildings. Clinical courses are provided in 15 multiprofile clinics with departments of cardiology, traumatology, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynaecology equipped with all diagnostic and treatment facilities. The Regional Cardiology centre housing the University department of Cardiology is one of the best cardio logical clinics of Russia.

    Multidisciplinary Clinic No. 1 of the Volgograd State Medical University was created Russia on December 29, 2005 by the Federal Health Service of and is a structural subdivision of Volgograd State Medical University. The structure of the Clinic No. 1 of Volgograd State Medical University includes the surgical department No. 1, the cardiac surgery department performing surgeries with minimally invasive cardiovascular surgeries, the surgical department No. 3, the cardiology department, the neurological department, the gynaecological department No. 1, the department of assisted reproductive technologies, the department of anaesthesiology and resuscitation with PR&T, the endoscopic department, equipped with modern high-tech equipment, pathological department, clinical diagnostic laboratory, operating unit, radiation diagnostics department, emergency room.

    University Clinic No. 1 has 130 surgical beds, 80 therapeutic beds and 12 intensive care beds for patients staying around the clock, as well as 9-day hospital beds for the treatment of infertile patients using the IVF method a new embryological method of assisted hatching. It is a modern, dynamically developing medical institution that actively participates in state programs with the aim of improving the quality and accessibility of medical care to Russians at a high level. University Clinic No. 1 is included in the program of clinical testing of methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as in the list of institutions involved in the implementation of measures to modernize federal state institutions providing medical care. 

    Family Medicine Clinic – The family medicine clinic was founded in 2006 and is a structural unit of Volgograd State Medical University providing outpatient medical care. General practitioners under the departments of pulmonology, allergology-immunology, surgery, gynaecology, cardiology, etc.  provide qualified medical care to adults and children with common diseases of internal organs and carry out basic medical diagnostic and treatment measures, as well as contribute to the formation of a healthy lifestyle. There are several operative rooms equipped for minimally invasive procedures.

    Facilities Provided By Volgograd State Medical University

    Department of International students Volgograd State Medical University has a special department known as Department of International students within the university in charge of various aspects of academic activities and daily lifestyle of all students.

    Students Report- Parents can get any information concerning academic progress of their child. Parents are also informed by the university if their child is neglecting studies and performing bad academically. The University also arranges invitation letter for parents who want to see the environment and lifestyle of their child in the university.

    Sports club – The sports club of the Volgograd State Medical University was founded in 1935 under the name of “Physical education team medic”. The sports club progressively trains students and encourages them to participate in several tournaments and competitions.

    University Hostels

    Volgograd State Medical University has 3 comfortable and fully accommodated hostels including apartments to rent run by the members of the administrative staff with all modern conveniences for all students to study and rest. All the hostels are located within easy reach and transport facilities from University buildings as well as hospitals. All hostels are well equipped with modern furniture’s and facilities like kitchens for students self-cooking and common washrooms and laundry rooms. All hostels have common study rooms, storage rooms, ventilation rooms, etc.

    Student Life At Volgograd State Medical University

    Volgograd State Medical University has implemented a student council in 1991 for betterment of educational work in the university. The student council of the university is the central body of student self-government of the university, which is the link between the vice-rector for extracurricular and educational work, the administration, the Academic Council of the university and the students. For more than 25 years, this structure of student self-government has been taking an active part in all provinces of the life of the university.

    Student Council of the university primarily aims in making students show their organizational skills and leadership qualities, reveal their creative potential, make new friends and acquaintances, implement projects, represent the university in youth forums and festivals throughout the country and become part of the largest youth organization of Volgograd State Medical University.

    The Student Council of Volgograd State Medical University has been divided into divisions that independently develop their structure and direction of work.

     ➡ Student Council of Faculties – This division provides assistance in organizing the educational process to deans of faculties.
     ➡ Student Council of Clubs – All clubs coordinate the multifaceted work of the university, which work in different directions.

    Poetry club – Students who write poetry and prose and want to show their to everyone can join the poetry club and find compatible people – poets in the poetry club called “Zaloust”.
    Dance club – Students who love singing or dancing wish to show their talent on stage can take part and perform in a variety of creative competitions by joining the “Vizavi” club.
    Comedy club –  For students who believe in making people laugh by their humour are always whole-heartedly welcomed in the “KVN” club.
    Photography club – Students who believe in capturing every moment of their life through photographic lens can join the “Inspiration”
    Art club – “Magic of Colours” is for students who painting their life on canvas and fill it beautifully with colours.
    Friendship Club – “International Friendship Club” was created by the Volgograd State Medical University to encourage all students of different countries to unite and stay happily inside the campus of the university.

    The volunteer movement  Student Volunteer Centre was formed by the university which combined several areas of work like helping orphans, patronage of veterans, donation, regional branch of the All-Russian Regional Public Organization “Medical Volunteers” , a Recruiting Centre for attracting and training city volunteers for the events of the FIFA World Cup 2018 , helping animals in shelters and helping the university in organizing events.

    The Information and Communication Department –  This structural subdivision of the Student Council of Volgograd State Medical University was created in 2018 to form an association of students looking for themselves in social activities, the development of information and PR technologies of Volgograd State Medical University, coverage in social networks and the media of all events taking place within the walls of the university.

    The department of organization– Created to organize cultural events taking place at the university.
    The social department – The department deals with issues related to scholarships and social support for students.
    The Protocol Department – The department was created to deal with the basic documentation of the Student Council.

    The department for the quality of education – The department was established to unite people who are same in conducting and formation of the educational process and are ready to make efforts to develop and improve skills.

    The Student Exchange Department – organizes professional and scientific exchanges of medical students from different countries.

    “Curators”– The curators unites senior students who are ready to help a freshman. The work can be found on social networks of the university.

    The headquarters – It is a youth all-Russian public forming temporary labour collectives for paid work in their free time (usually, summer and winter vacations) for various industrial and agricultural facilities, as well as in the service sector and children’s camps and sanatoriums as counsellors.

    Project Office – The office helps students to create social and innovative projects and help by providing the necessary resources.

    The Student Council of hostels – This department of council exercises control over the students living in the hostels of the university, organizes cultural and sports events in the hostels.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Any Student who wishes to pursue his/her MBBS from Volgograd State Medical University must fulfill the following requirements to be eligible to get admission in this university.

    *Students must have completed their 12th from a recognized board (CBSE/ ICSE/ISC, etc) and must have passed in all the subjects.

    *Qualifying NEET is mandatory before taking admission in a medical university in Russia if the student wishes to practise medicine in India after completing their MBBS in Russia.

    * Student must have a age of 17 years before 31st December of the year of Admission.

    Entrance Exam at Volgograd State Medical University

    Students who want to pursue MBBS from the university under the faculty of “General Medicine” are admitted in Volgograd State Medical University based on entrance exam. After reaching the university in Volgograd, students must pass this entrance exam which is a MCQ exam based on 11th and 12th subjects – Chemistry and Biology. These subjects are to test your knowledge before starting the main subjects of Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology.

    Students do not need to prepare separately or learn new things for this exam as this is basic science that students pass during their 12th boards. After Qualifying the entrance exam, the students can begin their MBBS course classes.

    Admission Process

    5 steps to apply to a Foreign Medical university

    • Step 1

      Select Country and University of your Choice

    • Step 2

      Apply online on our website and submit your Documents

    • Step 3

      Receive Admission and Invitation Letter

    • Step 4

      Submit your Documents for Visa and Apostille

    • Step 5

      Fly to your dream university

    Documents Required

    – To apply for the Admission Letter & Visa Invitation Letter: (Scanned Copy)

    ✓ 10th mark sheet and 12th mark sheet

    ✓ A valid Passport with validity not less than 2 years; ( Aadhar Card if Passport not Available )

    – For Visa Stamping, Notarization  and Apostille: (Original Documents)                            

    ✓ Original Passport;

    ✓ 10th and 12th Marksheet and 12th Passing Certificate;

    ✓ Six passport size photos (35mm*45mm) with white background (70% face visible, without spec’s) – Matte

    ✓ HIV test report from Embassy lab only (printed report, not handwritten) with official seal and Name (as in Passport), Age (with Date of Birth) and Passport Number written on it;


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    About Volgograd City

    Volgograd city is the southern city situated on the bank of the Volga river that is one of the largest rivers of Russia. Volgograd is the fifteenth-largest city in Russia, the second-largest city on the Southern federal district, the fourth-largest city of the Volga region and the largest city and the administrative center of the Volgograd Oblast of Russia. Volgograd provides variety of attractions and adventures that makes the city beautiful place to visit once in lifetime.

    In terms of education, Volgograd city provides a number of higher education facilities which attracts thousands of foreign students from over 100 countries in the city for education. Volgograd has hosted several matched of the FIFA World cup in 2018 and has well-built modern stadium which makes it the sports sector of the country. Volgograd attracts number of tourists for its immense allegorical sculptures and several ancient museums.

    Weather of Volgograd

    Volgograd city generally experiences cold and temperate climate. The highest temperature is seen in the month of July up to +30℃ and the lowest temperature of the year is seen in the month of January that goes up to -9℃ for at least a week. The city sees four climates namely winter, spring, summer and autumn equally divided into four months each. The average temperatures in spring is between 5℃ to 15℃ and the average temperature in the autumn is from 12℃ to -1℃. All the four climates of the city are soothing and calm that makes the city beautiful and attractive.

    Nearest Airport Volgograd International Airport

    The major closest airport to Volgograd State Medical University is Volgograd International Airport that is 15 kilometers away from the city. There are no direct flights from India to Volgograd City. Students have to take connecting flights with halt via Moscow. Moscow is 970 kilometers away from Volgograd which will take around 1 hour 40 minutes by flight to reach Volgograd from Moscow. After reaching the Volgograd International Airport, students can take public transport like bus or rent a taxi from the airport that will take 22 minutes to reach the main university Builiding.

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