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Medium of Teaching : English Recognition : NMC, WHO and WDOMS Students : 40+ University Type : Government


About Kazan Federal University

Russia is home to the oldest and premium universities, also these universities are famous worldwide. They all have their own legacy. But, the legacy of all Top Medical Universities in Russia, much elevated by Kazan Federal University. Its “Student Centralized Studying” approach makes it a prime choice for medical education in Russia. In many ways, it can be considered an AIIMS of Russia, since it has the same reputation as AIIMS and provides the same level of education and medical care. When we have to consider the name of a Top Medical University in Russia, then one has to come across the name of KFU. Also, Kazan Federal University is a classic university that was established in 1804 as Imperial University. But over the years,  has grown into a large university with over 40,000 students and 10,000 faculty members. The university follows the adherence to make the university one stop destination for the medical students all over the world.  

In a rapidly evolving education landscape, the Kazan Federal University stands as the testament of perfection. This university follows the hierarchy that is followed by all Top Medical Universities in Russia. Kazan Federal University is on a mission to “ Build a thriving " - Research and Innovation ecosystem for medical students. Ever, since the establishment, KFU has undergone a series of changes for the sake of science and innovation, and made precedent growth. KFU has boundless arena, where education thrives and student's career shine at the world level. The commitment of university to education is stiff, and marvellous opportunities are available for students to develope their potential. Robotic infrastructure has been installed in the university to enable the exceptional education level for students.  

This university due to its commitment for research and innovation is often referred to as the Best Medical University in Russia. India and Russia have signed various agreements, to facilitate the movement of students in both of the nations.

Are You Looking for Information? Such as :

  • Kazan Federal University MBBS Fees For Indian Students- Then, it is 29,62,440 (For 6 Years)
  • What is the Total Cost of Living in the city of Kazan of the month? It is 10k-12k. 

Also, there is also a wealth of information available in this “Blog” - that can help to gain knowledge about MBBS For Indian students in Kazan Federal University. When it comes to study MBBS in Kazan Federal University then it is the dream of  many foreign students but few makes it to the admission list. The popularity of KFU can not be overlooked, as it is teeming up with other medical universities in Russia, where hunderd of students appear for the admission every year.     

Overview :

Imperial University became Kazan Federal University in 1925, which was renamed after Lenin (The Revolutionary Leader of Russia). Kazan Federal university is a government medical University of Russia that has major importance in the Russian Government educational program. The Russian government's sustained efforts to improve Kazan Federal University's international competitiveness have made it a highly recognized medical university in Russia. It was the year 2010, when KFU was granted the status of Federal that is a great achievement in itself. " Kazan Federal University" is the sole reason for students opting for the MBBS in Russia, and even are ready to fly abroad to get admission in Kazan Federal University. Due to the renowned medical educatonal standard of this university. 

Wherever there will be the history of all the best medical universities in Russia will be written, then Kazan Federal University is likely to come on top, because of its diligence and proper care for the international students. If you are looking for the Top Medical University in Russia for Indian students, then it is a must to consider “Kazan Federal University”. You can take this university as AIIMS of Russia, the competition for taking admission in the KFU is usually high compared to the other university. The Kazan Federal University enjoys a high reputation as the world’s Best Medical University and has provided phenomenal growth to its graduated students. Not just students from India, KFU is famous for students from other country’s student as well. 

There are 44 thousand students who have graduated from the Kazan Federal University (KFU) and all of them are currently pursuing successful medical careers. It is very likely and common for the KFU to receive numerous students worldwide every year. Because of its world-class academic reputation, its diverse student body, its location in a vibrant and historic city, or its affordable tuition rates. The university uses the knowledge and teaching to advance the education system and ensure the probability of success. 

Course Highlights :




Type of University 



Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Rector of Kazan Federal University

Safin Lenar Rinatovich

Recognition & Accreditation 

WDOMS, NMC, American Association for Higher Education Accreditation .

Is Russian MBBS Degree valid worldwide?

Yes in the USA, Europe, and Asia. 


Total 6 Years with 1 year Internship 

 “Distance From Moscow” 

718 Kms.

Kazan Federal University MBBS Fee

₽ 2,96,24,40 (For 6 Years)

Tuition Fee For 1 year

₽ 4,93,740

Admission intake 


Is a Hostel Facility Available?


Authorized under Ministry of - 

Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Cost OF Living

8k-12k (Rupee)



Course Highlights :

Kazan Federal University is a fascinating university to do MBBS in Russia, but it also has a list of some amazing Medical courses. Such as - 





Tuition Fee 

General Medicine in English (MBBS)


6 Years

₽ 4,93,740



5 Years

₽ 3,83,940



5 Years

₽ 2,55,840

Medical Biochemistry


6 Years

₽ 2,43,420


Kazan Federal University Medicine courses are famous worldwide and hold an exceptional reputation across the globe. Not just medicine courses, KFU has grown into an ideal destination for the master and speciality course in - Environmental Sciences, Geology and Petroleum Technologies, International Relations, Computational Mathematics and many more.  

Why MBBS in Kazan Federal University :

As we all know the academic level of Kazan Federal University is universally high compared to the medical universities worldwide. It is imperative to notice the growth of the Kazan Federal University that has achieved substantial remarks in the history, since of its establishment. It is one of the few medical universities in Russia, which is highly reputed and receives the ultimate attention of medical students. Any, Indian studnet going for Study MBBS in Russia, must first try to get MBBS admission in Kazan Federal University, due to it's renowned history, high education stnadard. and ultimatly significant and modern infrastrcuture. Moreover, infrastructure is designed to assist studnets in a multitude of ways, provides mobility to move freely and each time learn and grow more. 


Benefits of studying MBBS in Kazan Federal University :

  1. KFU medical campus is a hub of medical education that provides medical students with amazing biological centers. Amazing educational methods and research activities are conducted regularly to advance the learning method. 
  2. Medical student goes through a dedicated approach that brings a positive outcome to a student's study. In the changing landscape of medical education, KFU medical education is constantly evolving. Moreover, they always adapt to these changes in order to provide students with the best possible education. 

Kazan Federal University Medical school provides a challenging and demanding experience. Also, they ensure that students must learn a vast amount of material in a short amount of time. Also, develop the skills and knowledge necessary to practice medicine safely and effectively.

Conclusion :

Kazan Federal University is continuing to improve and infuse great energy in its teaching method. Kazan Federal University (KFU) is consistently ranked among the best medical universities in Russia, just because of its strong faculties and leadership in medical education.Besides, they provide magnificent growth for students. KFU has a long history of excellence in medical education. The university's Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology offers a wide range of medical programs, including MBBS, dentistry, and pharmacy. The institute is home to some of the leading experts in medical education in Russia, and it is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Kazan Federal University is a highly acclaimed university who has been praised for his talent acquisition, reach, and versatility in the medical education reign. 

Key Highlights

When selecting the best medical college in Russia , there are a number of aspects to take into account. We'll go over all the reasons why this specific medical institution is ideal for you. 




Medium of Education- English


Total Fee- Rs. 30,13,249


Tuition Fee- Rs. 493,740


Medical Insurance Fee- 5,700 Ruble


Recognition- NMC, WHO and WDOMS


Intake Period- September


Students Graduated– 40+

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 Kazan Federal University (KFU)  has emphasized on making its Health Facility a top grade medical practice hub. Its medical hub comprises every medical facility and learning method for medical students. KFU medical center is a breakthrough within the framework of global healthcare. The clinical facilities provide it a major advantageous position in the list of Top Medical Universities in Russia. 

Brief Detail of Kazan Federal University Medical Centre -

It is spread in the 42 thousand square meters of space, under the 9 main buildings where almost 850 patients can be treated at the same time.

  • 70 Years old
  • 30,000 Patients examined monthly
  • 400+ Doctors Qualified 
  • 2.5 Million Diagnostic Service Per Year

The University Clinic is one of the leading diagnostic and treatment complexes of the Republic of Tatarstan, providing all types of medical care with the help of -

  • 8 objects
  • 21 building
  • 868 beds

The Medical facility of Kazan Federal University is a center of competence that includes -

  • Cardiac Surgery 
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Urology 
  • Obstetrics and gynecology
  • Endoscopy and many others.

Kazan Federal University put great emphasis upon cardiovascular surgery. In general, it works in all areas of modern cardiology - emergency, elective cardiac surgery. The medical Students looking for admission in the Kazan Federal University are going to have amazing medical exposure, because of the vast population around the region of this hospital facility. 

The Institute has Three main schools, each of which offers a variety of programs in different medical specialties.

  • Higher school of Medicine - This center is dedicated for training of specialists in health care and medical.
  • Higher school of Biology -  This center is dedicated for training of students belonging to the field of Biology.
  • Clinical Residency - The Institute's Clinical Residency program provides training for highly skilled professionals in 34 medical specialties to work in government health agencies and organizations.

The total number of faculties of Kazan Federal University is 6 -

  1. Faculty of Dentistry
  2. Faculty of Human Health
  3. Faculty of General Pathology
  4. Faculty of Simulation Medicine 
  5. Faculty of Clinical Medicine
  6. Faculty of Surgery


Life in Kazan City For Medical Students- 

Kazan is a city with a thousand-years of history and it still preserves its old culture and long tradition. Moreover, Kazan is the third capital of Russia, with one of the largest centers of the country in economy, politics, science, education, culture and sports. 

Season and Temperature Details in Kazan Federal University -

  • The duration of the cold season is 4 months, and summer lasts for more than  5 months.
  • High temperatures in cold months remain below 29°F.
  • High temperatures in summer months remain above 65°F..

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan (administrative region of the Russian Federation). The Republic of Tatarstan is located in central Russia 800 km from Moscow

Education Standard of Medical Education in Kazan Federal University 

In the present date Kazan Federal University has more than 600 educational programs. KFU educational programs are famous worldwide, and led to a series of developments in medical education. The Purpose of the education of KFU emphasized the leading truth for the better medical world. 

Key Objective of Kazan Federal University :

  • The generation and dissemination of knowledge is essential to addressing the world's most pressing challenges, such as climate change, environmental pollution, and energy security.
  • Preservation and Enhancement of the spiritual values ​​of mankind where technology and advancement go hand in hand.
  • Profound training of the intelligentsia part of society, capable of performing in a rapidly changing world.
  • Push and promote innovative development of focused areas in science and development. 

KFU is aware of the importance of combining medical practice with theoretical education. That’s why it is considered as the Top Medical University in Russia. Their clinical facilities are top health care facility providers in the Tarstran region, which is a most populous region in Russia. Kazan Federal University provides students with hands-on experience in a clinical setting. The university also offers a variety of theoretical courses that teach students the fundamentals of medicine. 


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Submit us your documents for apostle and visa stamping.



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Eligibility Criteria

Let's take a look at the prerequisites for studying MBBS at Kazan Federal University.



To study MBBS at Kazan Federal University, you must first pass the NEET exam.



A minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is necessary for your 10+2.

Age Required

Age Required

On or before September of the entrance year, you must be 17 years old and no older than 25 years old.

Documents Required

You must present the supporting documents to establish your identity and academic qualifications in order to be admitted to Kazan Federal University for MBBS. The following papers must be submitted.


10th & 12th mark sheet


NEET Scorecard




Passport Size Photographs


Covid 19 Report


HIV Report

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Frequently Asked Question?

Kazan Federal University MBBS Fee is ₽ 3,019,240 that can exceed to 32 to 33 lakh for entire 6 year MBBS course. The Fee in Kazan Federal University includes - Tuition Fee, Hostel Fee, and Food expenses etc.

Kazan Federal University (KFU) is a center of competence that provides MBBS students amazing hands-on practice to enhance the knowledge of medical learning.

Kazan Federal University is ranked 8th in the list of top medical universities in Russia and it is mentioned in the major ranking boards of the world’s leading university rank providers. Such as - - QS World University Ranking - Academic ranking of world universities (ARWU) - U.S News and World Report Best Global

The Kazan Federal University is one of the foremost Medical universities in Russia. And, it conducts the entrance exam on the basis of following subjects : Biology Chemistry Physics English Entrance exam consists of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with a total of 50 questions. The entrance exam mainly conducts in the month of July and it is designed to evaluate the comprehensive knowledge of the students.

The Admission eligibility to do MBBS in Russia is - NEET Qualification ( Student can also apply for MBBS in Russia, without NEET but they can not do practice medicine in India) - 10+2 (with science stream) - Qualified the entrance exam

Russia is an open and diverse country, and this is reflected in all its universities. Russian medical universities are home to students from all over the world, and they offer a wide range of courses and programs. No just Indian Students, each and every student from all around the world is welcome in here.

There is no specific requirement of marks for the admission of doing MBBS in Russia. All you are required to do is to clear 12th class with aggregate marks of 45%.