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Medium of Teaching : English Recognition : WHO, NMC, and WDOMS Students : 5000+ University Type : Government


About Kursk State Medical University

 Russia is a country meticulously built for helping the world with pure wisdom in the form of medical education. The education and living standard of Russia has always been supportive for foreign medical students. Apart from this, Russian medical universities have set an example for themselves, by being the best in the world. Speaking of the Best medical university in Russia, one can not miss out on Kursk State Medical University. This university is constantly making efforts to make the best possible medical education available for all. Kursk State Medical University is a centrally governed medical university that was founded after the ordinance passed by the Russian government. 


Kursk State Medical University Established in the year of 1935, with the vision to cater the health demand. After all these years Kursk State Medical University is still making into the list of Top 10 medical universities in Russia. It is a very fascinating university attracting students across the world to live on their medical education. KSMU provides a supportive and friendly environment for international students, and helps them to feel comfortable and at home. The university has a vibrant international student community, with students from over 50 different countries. KSMU has world class facilities with affordable medical education abroad for medical students. 

The total course duration for the General Medicine Course in Kursk State Medical University is 6 years. This medicine course contains theoretical and practical knowledge to gain in-depth details of medical study. The first 5 years of the program are dedicated to classroom studies, while the final year is spent on an internship. KSMU has a number of student organizations and clubs that are open to international students, that provides opportunity to meet and greet with other students. Alos, you can get involved in campus life. Moreover, Kursk State Medical university was the first of its kind to provide general medicine courses in the English language. 

Key Facts about Kursk State Medical University :

Establishment Year 


Type of University 


Medical Degree Recognised By 

WHO, NMC, WDOMS, and Russian Med. Ministry, and other international medical 

Hostel Facility 


How many have Graduated?


Type OF University 


Medium of Teaching For MBBS


Numbers of Foreign students

Currently 2650 students. 

Distance From of Moscow 

541 KMS.

1 Year Tuition Fee for MBBS  

$ 5500

Total MBBS Budget in Rupees 

30 Lakhs Rupees

Total Number of Faculties 


Rector of The University 

Professor Viktor Anatolyevich Lazarenko

Intake Period 

September and July 


 Kursk State Medical University MBBS Fee :

Being one of the most affordable Medical Universities in Russia, KSMU provides a decent fee structure that is transparent and easy to understand. When we talk about the General Medicine course fee of Kursk State Medical University then it is 30 lakhs. It has an amazing fees structure that is worth giving, offers amazing value for money, and is worth your energy.  

Kursk State Medical University Fee Structure :



Medium of Teaching


Tuition Fee (RUBLE)



5 Years 

938,000 Rupees 

General Medicine 


6 Years with Internship

30 Lakhs Rupees


Kursk State Medical University Ranking :

Kursk State Medical University is one of the Best Medical Universities in Russia that constantly achieves the Top spot among the Russian Universities. When it comes to the Kursk State Medical University ranking in 2023, are as follows according to the various of resources : 

  • 1st Place in the Kursk region of Russia.
  • 19th Place among all the Russian Medical Universities in Russia.
  • 52nd Place among all universities in Russia as per the overall ranking, 

Kursk State Medical University has been gaining its prominence and regularly upgrading its ranking with constant efforts. And, they have achieved all of these best rankings worldwide in a short span of time. 

Education Standard OF Kursk State Medical University :

The major achievements of the Kursk State Medical University is making bigger changes with the exceptional level of education. And, providing foreign medical students a tremendous level of medical exposure to bring more positive education results from their studies. Just by being the Top-ranked medical college in Russia, it has amazing stature for providing  affordable, and internationally recognized medical education.

Here are the top features that set Kursk State Medical University apart from other medical universities in Russia:


  • The Level of education that is being up to the mark with continuous improvement. 
  • Faculties are enlarged and follow visionary approaches to make learning outcomes superior. 
  • In-build infrastructure to enable practical based learning instead of theoretical approach.
  • Students also get the opportunity to learn more with the help of advanced tools that provide amazing research opportunities.
  • Moreover, the price and the Kursk State Medical University medical course fee is minimal and does not pose a burden upon students.
  • Kursk State Medical University's international collaborations with world organizations have allowed it to provide regionalized medical education to foreign students.

While selection the university, any medical student should look for the crucial factors. Such as - Education Standard, Faculty experience, Medical Infrastructure, and Student’s life on campus. All of these factors are met with great care and nurtured by the Kursk State Medical University. Each student will be infused with the belief to achieve a successful medical career of their dreams. There are a number of courses available in the KSMU to envision, dream of providing the best medical education and health facility to all.  


Conclusion :

Today, Kursk State Medical University serves people of Russia as one of the  Top MBBS University in Russia , taking good care of medical student's education and health of the near surrounding people. From the perspective of the education for the foreign medical students, it has gained exceptional recognition by making thorough changes in the education of the students. Currently, the university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and other health-related fields. KSMU also has a strong research focus, and its faculty members have made significant contributions to the field of medicine.

Key Highlights

When selecting the best medical college in Russia , there are a number of aspects to take into account. We'll go over all the reasons why this specific medical institution is ideal for you. 




Medium of Education- English


Total Fee- 30,89,760 Rupees


Tuition Fee- 6280 USD / Year


Medical Insurance Fee- Included


Recognition- WHO, NMC, and WDOMS


Intake Period- September


Students Graduated– 5000+

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Clinical Information :

At the present time, Kursk State Medical University maintains 40 clinical bases and its own clinical bases are dental-orthopedic and children's dental departments of the KDP.

And, for the purpose of practical training of the medical students -

  • There are a total 34 clinical departments -  262 teachers, of which 71% have an academic degree - 57 doctors of science and 129 candidates of science. 5 employees of KSMU, by order of the Chairman of the Ministry of Health of the Kursk region.
  • Kursk Medical University constantly carries out clinical campaigns in the Kursk region, which is a vast and larger population region of Russia. The current population of the Kursk region is 5 lakh. 
  • Since March 2021, the medical activities of clinical departments have resumed in full. During the 2022-2023 academic year, 95,318 patients were consulted; 11,183 consultations and clinical discussions, 612 remote consultations were conducted; 2681 operations were performed; expert assessment of the quality of medical care was carried out in 1,477 cases.

Faculties in Kursk State Medical University :

  • Faculty of General Medicine and Pediatric 
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological 
  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology, Social Work Economics and Management 
  • Faculty of Stomatology, Preventive Medicine and Higher Nursing Education
  • Faculty of Post-Graduates 
  • Faculty of Continuing Education 
  • Faculty of International Medical Institute 
  • Faculty of Medical Pharmaceutical College

The mission of all faculties is the formation of professional skills, and look to implement the pre-professional education of students. Moreover ensure profession carrer and the bulding an individual trajectory for entering a university. It's not just about Kursk State Medical University, most of the medical universities are providing the best opportunity for MBBS in Russia with the help of their academic goals and strong faculty. 

It is more likely for a student to achieve academic success if his/her life is more engaging campus life. Establishing relationships with fellow students does not just help them become more assertive in their pursuit of their goals, also to increase their academic persuit. Student's life in the KSMU -

  1. Students at KSMU have the opportunity to receive a world-class education in an environment that is full of new ideas and opportunities, which will help shape their future. All are normal parts of the university experience, and KSMU is no different. Students learn new skills, meet new and interesting people, and make friends for life.

  2. Academic and personal development is among the category of the most priroitize in the Kursk State Medical University premise. For example, libraries offer students access to a wide range of books, journals, and other resources to help them with their studies. And, the studnets societies for the foreign studnets so they dont feel like left out among the native students, learn about the local culture, and get involved in university life.

Kursk State Medical University's Canteen and Mess :

The Social building space of Kursk State Medical university holds the special attention and caliber to attract students. Various varieties and  food availability are available in the canteen of Kursk State of Medical University. It is a place where students from different backgrounds and social groups can come together to eat, socialize, and relax. The prime foucs of the canteen is to provide a place for students with the best foods and environment to get together with each other.  

  • Catering facility available for every student, Vegan and Non vegan.  
  • Choices for students to choose between main meals and side dishes along with the extensive selection of foods. 
  • Students can easily find a quick and convenient meal option without having to travel far from campus.
  • Availability of fast food restaurants, cafés, and sit-down restaurants near the campus provides students easy food options.
  •  Canteen is one of the biggest among all the Best Medical Universities in Russia, it has sitting space available for 900 students. 



“The facilities at Kursk State Medical University are second to none, making it the perfect place to study, socialize, and pursue your passions”

Kursk State Medical University is one of the Best medical universities in Russia because it offers a thriving and nurturing student life, with plenty of space and resources for its students. There is the availablity of the well - spacious hostel facility in the Kursk State Medical University and it has blistered me

Campus Details of  Kursk State Medical University : 

  • Due to the availability of the larger space, the total numbers of students dormitories are a combined six dormitories within the campus.
  1. The Total area of hostel is 33229.6 sq.m
  2. Total living area – 15415.6 sq.m.
  3. Living Room - 993.

The total premises also include the larger space for - self-study, sports rooms, buffets, laundry rooms, rooms for drying clothes, etc.


The KSMU campus is intended for temporary residence and accommodation:

  1. For the duration of their full-time studies, nonresident students, graduate students, doctoral students, residents, and interns are eligible for accommodation.
  2. Accommodation is available to graduate students and doctoral students studying through correspondence courses for the duration of their exam period and dissertation research.
  3. The students life is the perfect example and reflects various of studnets across the globe. 


Our Selection Process



Select university of your choice.



Contact us and submit your documents.



Receive admission and invitation letter from university.



Submit us your documents for apostle and visa stamping.



Fly to your dream university.


Eligibility Criteria

Let's take a look at the prerequisites for studying MBBS at Kursk State Medical University.



To study MBBS at Kursk State Medical University, you must first pass the NEET exam.



A minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is necessary for your 10+2.

Age Required

Age Required

On or before September of the entrance year, you must be 17 years old and no older than 25 years old.

Documents Required

You must present the supporting documents to establish your identity and academic qualifications in order to be admitted to Kursk State Medical University for MBBS. The following papers must be submitted.


10th & 12th mark sheet


NEET Scorecard




Passport Size Photographs


Covid 19 Report


HIV Report

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Frequently Asked Question?

The Fee of MBBS in Kursk State Medical University is Rs. 30,89,860. It is the total expense for a 6 year MBBS program. The annual MBBS tuition fee of Kursk State Medical University is $6,280.

The Kursk State Medical University and its medical course have recognition worldwide from MCI and WHO.

Yes, Russian Medical University Provides medical license after completing the total 6 years of MBBS course and after giving the licensing exam.

To start Practicing medicine in Russia, a student is required to appear for the licensing exam of Russia. And, one must clear it to gain a medical license in Russia.

The student life in Kursk State Medical University is thriving and supporting, giving students the opportunity to grow and learn more.

Yes, you can become a doctor and can apply for a medical license in India. But, first you have to clear the next exam after coming back to India.