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Medium of Teaching : English Recognition : NMC, WHO and WDOMS Students : 5000+ University Type : Government


About Kuban State Medical University

Medical Universities in Russia are unique and provide substantial opportunity to learn and grow knowledgeable each time. Kuban State Medical University is one of the Top Medical Universities in Russia and is one of the it’s own kind. Because its education standards are high and its budget is reasonable. All these factors makes KSMU frequently chosen medical university.

Located in the beautiful city of Krasnodar, near the coast of the Kuban river in the southern Russia region. This city gives a glimpse of the beautiful landscape and elegant experience of natural vegetation. The vibrant city has beautiful parks and green spaces, providing residents and visitors with a calm and soothing environment to relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

Kuban State Medical University (KSMU) is the most affordable option for Indian students who want to study medicine abroad, Kuban State Medical University MBBS fee is 15.5 Lakhs For Indian studnets for six years. In addition to its low cost, KSMU also offers a unique educational experience, with experienced faculty, and a strong focus on clinical training. Due to its academic excellence and student centric approach helped KSMU in getting accreditation as a state university in 2005. With this accreditation, the University has demonstrated its commitment to providing high-quality education and research.

Overview :

Kuban State Medical University was established in the year of 1920 and is a government university inaugurated by the Russian government. This university completely works under the supervision of the Russian Government and has given its dedicated contribution in the development of Russian medical education standard. The university currently comes along with the Top  Medical University to Study MBBS in Russia. 

Kuban State Medical Unviersity Ranking :


kuban State Medical University Ranking : 

Country Rank: 214
➡ QS World Rank: 4200
THE (Times Higher Education) Rank: 800

The university also provides healthcare services to the people residing near the university. The MBBS course duration at Kuban State Medical University is five years, followed by a mandatory one-year internship.


The NEET, (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) that is known as the medical entrance exam to take admission in various of the medical universities is also applicable for MBBS admission in Kuban State Medical University.

Qualifying NEET ensures that students can take admission in the university and allow them to come back in India and to start medical practice.  KSMU has a campus that keeps everything in place whether it is - the Vast and lavish campus or the spacious and modern classroom. KSMU's campus has the facilities to be conducive to learning, with spacious and modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and state-of-the-art facilities. Moreover, it also gives a wide range of services to keep students connected with learning and increase their eagerness to learning. 

English is the medium of instruction for the MBBS course at Kuban State Medical University, that open the doors of the opportunity for the international medical students.  As an MBBS student in Russia, you will face no language barrier or restrictions associated with language. Teachers and faculty are prolific in the english language. The university has a strong network of alumni, who can provide guidance and mentorship. By having total 6000 numbers of studets, the environment in campus and university is mostly energetic The university provides students with the opportunity to network with their peers and professionals, allowing them to explore their interests and career paths. 


Key Facts of Kuban State Medical University :



Located in 


Private OR Government 


Distance From Moscow 

1275 Kms.

MBBS Course Duration 

6 Years 

MBBS Course Language 


No. of Faculties 


MBBS Course Fee

Rs. 15,54,000




Why MBBS in Kuban State Medical University?

The Kuban State Medical University MBBS is a one stop destination for the MBBS course and it has given the ultimate advantage to the students. Moreover, the university offers a variety of courses, such as - 

➡ MD
➡ MS
➡ PG Diploma

And all of these courses have the approval from the World Health Organization (WHO). Furthermore, the university has tie-ups with renowned hospitals and healthcare institutions, which provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience. Moreover, the experienced faculty are the best at their work, providing an educational experience like nobody else, for each and every student. The faculty is highly knowledgeable and passionate about teaching, and their dedication and commitment to their students' success is evident. They strive to make sure each student is given the support and guidance they need to reach their full potential. 

Kuban State Medical University Features

  1. Classroom : Kuban State Medical University classrooms are very spacious beside having a spacious classroom. A unique learning experience is provided by the university's well-sophisticated technology. Kuban State Medical University classrooms are very spacious, and have a total of 900 classrooms and laboratories, 12 lecture halls, able to accommodate about 1,600 people. 

Kuban State Medical University classrooms are very spacious beside having a spacious classroom. A unique learning experience is provided by the university's well-sophisticated technology. The university has invested heavily in the latest equipment and software, ensuring that students have access to educational resources. Furthermore, the university offers interactive learning tools, such as virtual laboratories and immersive simulations. The purpose of this is to help students better understand what they are studying.

  1. Academic buildings : Kuban State Medical University buildings house classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, and offices for faculty and staff. Academic buildings are multi-functional and provide a conducive environment to learning. Students can easily access every classroom in the academic building. This convenience helps students to be on time, attend all classes, and make the most of their university experience. Furthermore, the university's central location means that students can easily access a variety of leisure activities, such as shopping, dining, and entertainment.

  2. Student housing :  The housing facility of students is ultimately rejuvenating and gives students a spacious hostel to live in. The hostels provide students with a safe and secure environment. It allows them to socialize and form strong relationships with their students. Furthermore, the university also provides students with a variety of amenities and facilities, such as a swimming pool, gym, and cafeteria.

4. Practical skill department : Kuban State Medical University's practical skills department is multi-advanced and facilitates to develop students' medical abilities. The department provides students access to the latest technology, laboratories, and equipment. Students also have access to highly skilled and experienced professors and advisors who can provide guidance and support. 

The University has 12 computer classes. Education of high school students is held in the traditional and in innovative ways. Widely used information technology, multimedia equipment, Internet. Currently, more than 4,400 people enrolled in the university.  According to the regional target program “medical personnel for rural health care” trained 427 people.

5. Holistic Development : The ultimate aim of any university is to give students opportunity to not just be adaptable in academic learning but also in the overall devlopment and to turn them into a complete well rounded medical professional. We all are aware of the fact that how important communication skill is for health professional to communicate, as it is the gateway to interact with patients. Good communication skills are essential for understanding the patient's condition and for providing correct diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, it is important for health professionals to communicate effectively with their patients.

6. Modern and Technological Equipment : Kuban State Medical University's modern technological resources make it a good university. These resources not only facilitate effective teaching and learning but also provide students with the hands-on experience necessary to excel in their chosen field. The comprehensive information and technology use for better learning and better education.

Benefits of MBBS at Kuban State Medical University :

1. Country Benefits : As, Russia is an Eurasian nation it gives ultimate sense of studying MBBS at one of the finest nations in the world. For instance, Russia has some of the best universities in the world, renowned and provides the best faculty and premium medical education standard. Moreover, Russia is the 28th worldwide in the list of  providing quality education that evolves innovation and academic standard. 

2. Top Notch Education Standard : The education standard of Kuban State Medical University has numerous advantages. The university offers a variety of courses in the subjects of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing. Moreover, the university also provides well-equipped laboratories and classrooms. The university is known for its highly qualified teaching staff. 

3. No Language Barrier : The medium of MBBS course at Kuban State Medical University is English, it eventually makes it easy for the students worldwide to access the MBBS course at just the affordable prices.  The university also provides scholarships and discounts to students from developing countries. The university also offers facilities such as hostel accommodation and Indian food for all international students. The university also provides guidance and support to all students during the MBBS course.

4. Opportunity To Learn Russian : As we all know, the world is interconnected now, and every country and individual is linked directly and indirectly. If you want to become a medical professional that is akin to being the best health care professional then you have to be well adapted with other foreign language as well except English. When you go for MBBS in Russia then you will become adaptive in the Russian language, and will be able to learn one of the most spoken language in the world. 

5. Affordable Tuition Fee : The Tuition Fee of Kuban State Medical University is just 15 lakhs for the MBBS course, that is convenient and affordable for the students coming from the economical background. This medical course fee structure is not just minimal but also very affordable comapred to other Russian Medical Universities, providing a similar course.  

6.  Experience and Reputation : Kuban State Medical University (KSMU) has a long and extensive history providing quality education in the realm of medical education standard. KSMU offers courses in a variety of fields, including medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and public health. as well as opportunities for students to gain practical experience. The research and academic activities are always highly preferred in KSMU as it provides opportunities for students to gain practical experience.

Key Highlights

When selecting the best medical college in Russia , there are a number of aspects to take into account. We'll go over all the reasons why this specific medical institution is ideal for you. 




Medium of Education- English


Total Fee- 1,554,600 ₽


Tuition Fee- Rs. 250,000/-


Medical Insurance Fee- 6000 ₽


Recognition- NMC, WHO and WDOMS


Intake Period- September


Students Graduated– 5000+

Download Fee Structure

In every Best Medical University in Russia, you can find the students' life to be amazing and supportive as there are numerous student facilities in each of the universities. The universities provide the best environment for studying and living. The students also have a wide range of extracurricular activities to participate in, such as sports, clubs, and social events. Student life at Kuban State Medical University is rejuvenating and demonstrates academic excellence by giving every sense of overall development for students. The university offers a wide range of activities and services to help students and making their time convenient at the university. From student clubs and societies to sports and cultural activities, students can find something that suits their interests and ambitions. There are also many opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills and gain valuable experience in the process.

  • Academic Complex - The classroom is technically advanced and has an amazing aesthetic design that aids learning.  Here is an audio-video system and smart boards too, that provide full learning support.                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Laboratories -  The Kuban State Medical University's laboratory is ideal in design and is flexible making it an excellent place for learning.  The laboratories are equipped with supportive tools and apparatus from the Department of Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Physiology.                                   
  • Library - A great library can significantly enhance the academic standing of an MBBS college, and it is understood greatly by NSMC. That’s why there is a library inside the college’s campus that has a total floor area of 3000 square metres with a separate reading room.  At, one time more than 200 students can sit to study. The total collection of the library is more than 24080 volumes.                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Residential Block -  Kuban State Medical University has developed and designed its hostels with the students' comfort and safety in mind, understanding that the hostel serves as a second home for students. You will have every basic facility and also the proper facility to help you to concentrate on studying more.

Sports Facilities : There is a motto saying in the Kuban State Medical University. Not only in KSMU but in every Best MBBS college in Russia, that “Healthy Mind resides inside Healthy Body”. By keeping this in mind the college boasts a spacious playground that caters to outdoor games, as well as an excellent setup for indoor facilities.  

Krasnodar karai City Life :

  • Krasnodar is the culture center of Southern Russia and is the capital of Krasnodar Krai. The city covers massive geograhical area is located in the Kuban region, on the bank of the Kuban River. The city has a population of over 1 million people. 
  • This city is likely to receive more rainfall compare to teh other cities in Russia even in the driest months. 
  • The average temperatire is 11 Degree Celcius of the city and the Hostel and University is centerally heated. 

Krasnodar is a great city to live, work, and to start a family. The city provides number of facilities to its residents, and it is a great place to experience Russian culture. The given history of the city is the best in the place to experience the livable environment and supportive nature. 

Major attraction of the Krasnodar Karai City - 

  • Krasnodar State Historical Museum : The taste of Russian Culture showcases in the museum by having collection of over 100,000 artifacts.                                                                                                                              
  • Krasnodar State Puppet Theater : The theater is one of the oldest and most popular puppet theaters in Russia. This theatre showcase the talent of the puppet show.                                                   
  • Krasnodar Botanical Garden: This garden is one of the largest botanical gardens in Russia the collection of over 10,000 plants from all over the world makes it unique.                                                  
  • Krasnodar City Park: The park is one of the largest and most popular parks in Krasnodar. It has a variety of attractions, including a lake, a fountain, a children's playground, and a zoo.

Every important item required to enable smooth learning experience and to focus deep on study is available within the campus. There is no any particular thing that will impact the overall education of the students. 

 Kuban State Medical University Hostel : 

1. Hostel Facilities : The hostel facility of Kuban State Medical University is splendid, that includes access to clean water and electricity, adequate heating and cooling, and appliances. The University hostel facility provides space to the students based on sharing 2 or 3-bedrooms. It can be a great way to make friends and build a community since students will share their living space with one or two others.

2. Well Furnished : We all know how important it is to have access to all the basic furniture items to get relaxed after long hours of lectures. You will need a comfortable bed and a well-heated room in order to live comfortably. Moreover, you will have enough space and enough facilities to study for long hours. This includes wardrobes, study tables, and chairs. Additionally, the Kuban Medical Univerity  have enough resources to provide educational materials and assistance when needed.

3. Canteen : Students can enjoy a variety of dishes in the comfort of the beautifully and aesethically made canteen. Eventually, the canteen is well-equipped with the latest technology, providing students with a modern and comfortable environment. The staff is always friendly and helpful, providing excellent service. 

4. Extracurricular facilities: Healthy Body is the Home to healthy mind. This quote reflects in the Kuban State Medical University commitment to improve the well-being of their students. They have numbers of facilities to keep students fit and healthy. Students can study in the reading hall without being disturbed. The gym is equipped with modern equipment that encourages students to stay healthy and fit. During recess and lunch, students can play games and sports on the playground.

5. Utilities : The University also ensures that studets have the easy access to all the essential amenities, during their MBBS study and help students to have the unlimited and hassle free education exposure. Every hostel room is equipped with hot water geyser to give students and helping them in maintaining the personal hygine. 


Our Selection Process



Select university of your choice.



Contact us and submit your documents.



Receive admission and invitation letter from university.



Submit us your documents for apostle and visa stamping.



Fly to your dream university.


Eligibility Criteria

Let's take a look at the prerequisites for studying MBBS at Kuban State Medical University.



To study MBBS at Kuban State Medical University, you must first pass the NEET exam.



A minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is necessary for your 10+2.

Age Required

Age Required

On or before September of the entrance year, you must be 17 years old and no older than 25 years old.

Documents Required

You must present the supporting documents to establish your identity and academic qualifications in order to be admitted to Kuban State Medical University for MBBS. The following papers must be submitted.


10th & 12th mark sheet


NEET Scorecard




Passport Size Photographs


Covid 19 Report


HIV Report

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Frequently Asked Question?

The Kuban State Medical University is one of the Best Medical university in Russia located in the Krasnodar, Russia. Established in the year of 1920 is the most prestigious university. It's economical budget and inclusive environment for foreign students makes it best choice.

Yes. It is, the Kuban State Medical University has the highest preference in the list of the approved foreign medical universities under the MCI and WHO.

The MBBS course at Kuban State Medical University has the validity of 6 years that include internship of 1 years, makes the total course duration of 6 years.

The Russian MBBS degree has the most validation and the highest preference in the list of approved MBBS course in the list of Medical Council of India (MCI). You can just simply complete your MBBS in Russia and can start your medical practice in India without any problem.

Russia is the best country to study MBBS for any student, as this country aligns completely with their budget and fulfills all their requirements. Whether, it is the validation of the MBBS degree or according to security point of view.

The Kuban State Medical University has the availability of the student's hostel for the foreign students. And, students can enjoy the hostel facility to ease their stay at hostel.

The student life for the Indian Students in the Kuban State Medical University is the inclusive and enforce the overall development for the students. As, you will find the a gym, basketball and volleyball courts, as well as a football field. There are also cultural events and activities organized by the University, such as dance competitions, music exhibitions, and student fairs.