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Medium of Teaching : English Recognition : WHO, WDOMS and NMC. Students : 8000+ University Type : Government


About Tver State Medical University

 Russian Medicine Education has a long history, and the medical university is no exception. There are numerous medical universities in Russia, but no one comes close to Tver State Medical University. All in all, Tver State Medical University stands out from the rest as one of the best in Russia. Tver State Medical University has been a great place to study medicine for more than 25 years. It has an amazing academic excellence and is a major centre for MBBS in Russia. Tver State Medical University In Russia, acclaimed as one of the oldest medical university in Russia, is renowned for its rich history of medical education. 

Tver State Medical University Ranking : 

  • Tver State Medical University Rank 8th in the list of Top 10 Medical University in Russia.
  • Tver State Medical University world Ranking is 3000th
  • Tver State Medical University Ranking in Russia is: 238th

Tver State Medical University name is enough to measure the reputation of medical education in Russia. When the history of exceptional medical education will be written, Tver State Medical University is likely to stand out among the Best medical universities in Russia. Because of its long history of excellence and its commitment to providing high-quality medical education. The university was founded in 1876, and it has been providing medical education for over 140 years. This gives Tver State Medical University a significant advantage over many other medical universities in Russia, which are much newer.


Since, Tver State Medical University is organized and maintained by the Russian Government, so Tver State Medical University fee structure is minimal and it provides low-budget MBBS course in Russia, compare to other universitites of Russia. It is vital for Indian MBBS students in Russia to know about this medical university, because of its subsidized fee structure and welcoming nature for medical abroad students. This university is an accredited Medical Institution under the Medical Council of India and the medical degree of Tver is highly respected in the medical community. 

Tver State Medical University's medical faculty has teachers with a lot of experience in medicine. These teachers make learning easy. They also focus on teaching students how to use what they learn in the real world, which helps them remember it better. Tver State Medical University has been constantly ranking the best among the Top 10 medical university in Russia for many years. 


Overview of Tver State Medical Unviersity 




Recognized by 

WHO, NMC and other major countries 


50% in Physics Chemistry and Biology

Course Duration 

6 years

Student : Teacher ratio 



Not Required

Course Language



18-20 lakhs for the entire MBBS course

Its proximity to Moscow gives Tver State Medical University an edge over other Russian universities, with several advantages:

  • World-class facilities
  • Easy access to major cities
  • Transportation hub
  • Abundant opportunities for clinical exposure

Russia is not only a renowned tourist destination, but also a major hub for academic programs that elevate education standards. It has always been a great destination for the limited budget students. Tver State Medical University is a prime destination for hands-on practice and academic excellence, essential for a successful medical career. Tver State Medical University's recognition as a top 10 medical university in Russia confirms its excellence in medical education, research, and healthcare. This is one of the best medical universities in russia for indian students, due to the academic excellence, budget freindly and all those majors that are essentials for better medical career. 

Why MBBS in Tver State Medical University 

A Well-Structured curriculum and the phenomeonal MBBS program ensures the medical professional are best medical practioner.

Here are the utmost benefit of studying MBBS in Tver State Medical University : 

  • The curriculum of the university satifise the needs of the future health care sector, it will open the door of endless possibilities for medical students. 
  • Substantial improvement in your medical academic knowledge, when you opt for the Tver State Medical University. 
  • The perfect blend of the practical and theoretical knowledge in the medical curriculum of the university. 
  • Indian students looking for Best MBBS university abroad, can go for the Tver State Medical University. At this university you will experience a unique opportunity and provide authentic medical knowledge at an affordable budget.
  • There is global recognition for TVSMU Medical degree, which is authenticated and has the authority to be validated.

Tver State Medical University is considered to be the oldest MBBS university in Russia, as its evolution can be traced back to nearly 90 years.

  • Do you wanna know? How complete and a proper medical university looks like. Then, we have Tver State Medical University that is a complete house package of the quality medical education - 
  1. Well furnished hostel, 
  2. There is a large supply of medical equipment
  3. Future proven medical lab
  4. Good students to teacher ratio

After completing your MBBS at Tver State Medical University, you can easily enrol in its MBBS PG medical course. It is well known that UG is the first step on your path to becoming a doctor, and PG is the next. So, once you have completed your UG from TSMU. You can opt for the PG course at the same university. Because you will have become adaptable in the Russian language. As a result of its reputation for high quality education, Tver State Medical University degrees are highly sought after around the world. This is an ultimate advatage for the students to get themselve employed in one of the highly developed nation or in a highly paid medical institutes. 



What are the objectives of Tver State Medical University MBBS Program : 

  • Pursue Excellence in medical education. 
  • Alleviating the disease burden upon the world.
  • Promoting the research in the field of health education to improve the quality of life.
  • Working to improve the level of medical education to produce proficient health care experts. 
  • Making the course of MBBS in Russia easy to access for every economical background of students. 
  • Empowering health access and well being of the community. 
  • Witness to a life of honesty and integrity through uncompromising adherence to ethical principles and moral values.


Benefits of studnying MBBS in Russia 

  • Future Proven Medical Study – Russia trains future doctors in all areas of modern medicine, from general practice to radiology. International students can get the admission on an entrance basis or on the Russian Federation scholarship.
  • Deep insight via. Internship – The Internships in the Russian Medical Universities are based upon the great importance of practice under the guidance of the department’s head.
  • Great Employment Opportunity – Russian medical degree is one the most recognizable medical degrees in the entire world. Moreover, graduates with Russian medical diplomas have a successful track record of employment worldwide. Medicine ranks among the top fields of study for international students due to its popularity and demand.
  • Full Support To Foreign Students – As a responsible nation we understand the importance of adapting to new life in a new nation. For this, we have built a Preparatory department and short-term Russian language courses to help them adapt to life in a new country.
  • Chance to Learn Russian Language – For foreign students with limited or no knowledge of Russian, universities offer special pre-university courses to prepare them for higher education in Russia.

Tver State Medical University Fee Structure 2024:

The Tver State Medical University has gained amazing reputated position after follwing,  it's operational years. So here is the bit detail of MBBS fee structure of the Tver State Medical univeristy :



1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year 

4th Year 

5th Year

6th Year

Tuition Fee

286,327 Ruble

286,327 Ruble

286,327 Ruble

286,327 Ruble

286,327 Ruble

286,327 Ruble

Hostel Fee

12,000 Ruble 






Medical Insurance

3,500 Ruble

3,500 Ruble

3,500 Ruble

3,500 Ruble

3,500 Ruble

3,500 Ruble

Visa Extension 

1600 Ruble 

1600 Ruble 

1600 Ruble 

1600 Ruble 

1600 Ruble 

1600 Ruble 

Yearly Fees 

Rs. 2,59,491 

Rs. 2,49,291

Rs. 2,49,291

Rs. 2,49,291

Rs. 2,49,291

Rs. 2,49,291

Total ( 6 Years)

Rs. 20 Lakhs (approx)


Key Highlights

When selecting the best medical college in Russia , there are a number of aspects to take into account. We'll go over all the reasons why this specific medical institution is ideal for you. 




Medium of Education- English


Total Fee- 17,60,562 Rubles


Tuition Fee- 2,86,327 Rubles / Year


Medical Insurance Fee- 3500 Rubles / Year


Recognition- WHO, WDOMS and NMC.


Intake Period- September


Students Graduated– 8000+

Download Fee Structure

 Tver State Medical University  Hospital is a compassionate and dedicated institution that provides essential medical care and support to the community. It is also a premier teaching hospital that offers students exceptional clinical exposure. The hospital is conveniently located in the city and attracts a large number of patients. Moreover, this State Medical Hospital, one of Russia's largest medical complexes, is affiliated with the Ministry of Health and provides comprehensive medical and preventive services, scientific research, and training for doctors in Tver and other regions. Tver is the popolous region of Russia,  significaly it is the famous region to get the medicla exposure. Tver State Medical University Medical Centre contains medical expertise and is a renowned health centre. Medical Centre is located within the city, and it enjoys excellent connectivity. Moreover, Tver State Medical University Hospital is well-equipped with comfortable facilities in its medical center, guaranteeing comprehensive and quality healthcare services.

Since 2014, it has been part of the state health gurrantee program of "Russia" which means people can recieve free medical care attention. This university has facilities of - 

The inpatient department of the clinic specializes in a variety of medical fields, including:

  • Gynecology
  • Coloproctology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Cardiovascular surgery
  • Traumatology-orthopedics
  • Phlebology
  • General surgery
  • Urology and oncourology
  • Diagnostic ultrasound

And more. Tver State Medical University's inpatient clinic has a team of over 50 highly skilled doctors, including professors, medical experts, and honored doctors of Russia. You will get a chance to learn from the top specialities once you enroll yourself in the General Medicine course of Tver State Medical Univeristy. 

There are Total 6 faculties in Tver State Medical Univeristy, Mentioned Below : 

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Advanced Nursing Education
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Studies

The General Medicine Course in Tver State Medical College is comprehensive and well-structured, providing students with a strong foundation in medical sciences and clinical skills. This univeristy has amazingculture taht involve eceryone in their campus and gives opportuinity to express themselves. 

Studnet life is energetic and holds tremendous potential and testify why it is good choice to do MBBS in Russia such as -

  • Academic excellence : The academic excellence of Tver State Medical Univeristy is amazing and it provides studnet a holistic appraoch to give students a makor support to advanced their academic excellence. 
  • Personal growth : This university aims to provide students with opportunities to grow personally. Students learn to live independently, manage their time, and work with others.benefits.
  • Fun : It is essential to make studying fun and engaging. This will encourage students to give their best effort and retain more information. And, it been followed diligently by TVER univerisity. 

Benefits of studnying MBBS in Tver State Medical University 

  • A global education standard and an acclaimed medical education standard that is seeking to interest you if you are a medical student looking for a budget medical university in Russia. The total MBBS budget in Tver State Medical University is Rs. 18 lakhs, including Tuition fee, Hostel charges, Food and Mess charges combine all. 
  • Tver State Medical university has established a clear vision and mission for the institute. That is to ease the medical education burden upon the students, by providing all facilities.  
  • In order to achieve global standards by providing education and promoting the development of innovative medical and nursing education models that meet the needs of students as well as faculty and staff, TVSMU promote the all-round development of students.

The Tver State Medical University has four buildings that have 1544 seats and it is equipped with all essential services. With all the latest facilities, Tver State Medical University's state-of-the-art facilities and welcoming atmosphere make foreign students feel at home.

Features of Hostel or dormitory in Tver State Medical Univeristy 

  • Comfortable and spacious rooms : In Tver each room of the hostel is equipped with all essentials. Such as - bed, desk, and chair, as well as adequate storage space and access to hold and cold water. 
  • Common areas : There are plenty of rooms in the hostel for students to relax and feel comfort.
  •  Security : The security is Paramount and is very-tight. You will find the entire campus covered with camera surveillance. 


Our Selection Process



Select university of your choice.



Contact us and submit your documents.



Receive admission and invitation letter from university.



Submit us your documents for apostle and visa stamping.



Fly to your dream university.


Eligibility Criteria

Let's take a look at the prerequisites for studying MBBS at Tver State Medical University.



To study MBBS at Tver State Medical University, you must first pass the NEET exam.



A minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is necessary for your 10+2.

Age Required

Age Required

On or before September of the entrance year, you must be 17 years old and no older than 25 years old.

Documents Required

You must present the supporting documents to establish your identity and academic qualifications in order to be admitted to Tver State Medical University for MBBS. The following papers must be submitted.


10th & 12th mark sheet


NEET Scorecard




Passport Size Photographs


Covid 19 Report


HIV Report

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Frequently Asked Question?

Tver State Medical University is one of the premium university and studying MBBS in one of the best medicals university is the pride in itself. Because of the given medical exposure and general medical knowledge can give you a substantial push to your medical education and growth in the career.

The degree from any Russian Medical University is valid in India and as well in the other nation of the world. MCI the medical commission board has already ratified and accredited the medical degree obtained from Russia. Because of the academic excellence and the futuristic medical learning make Russia one of the premium choice for MBBS,

There are numerous of courses that are available in the Tver State Medical University, But only general medicine course available in English. The MBBS fee in Tver State Medical University is 20 lakh (maximum) for 6 years, including Tuition Fee, Hostel, living expense and Food everything.

Yes, you easily can because MCI has already given it's approval to the Russian Medical degree to practice medicine.

The Medium of teaching in the Tver State Medical University is Russian and English both. But as for the general medicine course is available in the English language.

Russia has been a popular choice for Indian medical students for many years. Whenever, it comes to choose the best abroad nation for MBBS it is likely to come across Russia. As, It offers a high-quality medical education at a relatively affordable cost, and the duration of the MBBS program is six years. However in India the total cost of MBBS in India is 1 crore for six years for the MBBS, it is not worth to spend amount of money for the same course.

While Russia's climate is cold, it is bearable because all classrooms and hostels are centrally heated, preventing cold winds from entering. The Russian medical universities provide all necessary amenities to foreign students, so they can focus solely on their studies.

Yes, you can, but you will not be able to practise medicine after returning to India. Your MBBS degree will be invalid in India if you are admitted to a foreign nation without taking the NEET. But to make it valid you have to complete the MBBS from he same nation but in the english language,