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Medium of Teaching : English Recognition : NMC, WHO and WDOMS Students : 20+ University Type : Government


About People’s Friendship University

We are here providing you with every information about   MBBS admission eligblity, criteria and MBBS fee and hostel availablity everything. You will be able to learn more about doing MBBS in Russia if you decide to go further with all the information we provide you. The People's Freindhip University that is also known as RUDN University challange the traditional notion of medical university, with it's latest medical knowledge methods. Through its award winning faculty and university, this medical university is on the way to making amazing strides in the knowledge field. RUDN University is challenging convention and tradition by making Russian medical education accessible to students from all over the world..

The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia that was founded in the year of 1960, has achieved  valuable milestones, through remarkable medical education. Moreover, educational efforts of Peoples’ Friendship University, has earned him a “Top spot” in the list of Best Medical Universities in Russia. Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia is some of the few Russian Medical Universities that has been nominated and won the prestigious educational awards. The RUDN Medical University's achievements demonstrate its commitment to producing better health professionals through its centralized academic programs, and international partnerships. The average cost for a medical program in People Friendship University can cost you $ 68,000, that is RS. 56,15,939 for complete course duration. As this university offers MBBS courses in English, it can be a perfect choice for Indian students to do MBBS in Russia. There is no bilingual program at this university.

People's Friendship University (RUDN) is the place where all the world's students come together. RUDN University has specialized in providing a conducive study environment for all students, regardless of their nationality. The fact that the nationalities of the students were gathered is an intriguing fact :

  • RUDN University is the only university in the world that admits students from over 150 countries, creating a diverse student body.
  • There are more than 77 thousands of graduates holders of the degree working in the various of countries right now. 
  • RUDN University employs 4,500 people, of whom 2,826 are highly qualified teachers.



Overview :

People's Freindship Medical University, had been named after Patrice Lumumba, a revolutionary leader, but it was renamed RUDN in 1992. Since its commencement year of 1963 it has achieved a tremendous level of growth, due to the constant educational efforts. This medical university is one of the best Medical Universities to do an MBBS in Russia. It is located in the southern part of Moscow, and students of this medical university have the advantage of being in the capital city of Russia. Another major advantage of RUDN University is its recognition for providing the best medical education and training of specialists for the countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. RUDN medical university is a worldwide famous medical university, currently it has students from more than 157 countries. It has more than 150 educational programs and 162 departments for various courses. 

Educational Program Seat :


➡ Bachelor Program Seats: 76
➡ Master's Program Seats: 166
➡ Specialist Program Seats: 7


People's Freindship University Key Facts :


Establishment Year 


Type of University 


Medium of Teaching For MBBS


Recognition and accreditation 

NMC, WDOMS, QS World University Ranking 


Moscow, Russia

Main Address 

Street,  Miklukho-Maklaya, 8

117198, Moscow Russian Federation

Name of the Rector 

Oleg Yastrebov


Hostel Availability in RUDN


Duration of MBBS course

6 Years that include 1 years of Internship 

Total Fee of 6 years MBBS course 

$ 67,620

1 Year Tuition MBBS Fee in RUDN


Can we consider RUDN Best University

Yes, RUDN medical university has won prestigious university’s awards. 

Number of International Students



Why MBBS in People's Friendship University?

RUDN Medical University is of its first kind that earned 5 stars rating in the 5 categories : Quality Education, Internationalization, Infrastructure, innovation and social environment. The purpose behind the establishment of RUDN was to provide the best possible medical education to the students, who belong to the developing nations. However, RUDN has been successful in providing the best medical education ever. All these recognitions are the testament of its impeccable efforts to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Awards and Recognition of RUDN University :

  • In 1975, RUDN University received the award named as - Friendship of Peoples for merit in the training of specialists. It is the recognition for the contribution to provide the best possible education to the foreign medical students. 
  • UNESCO recognised the progressive advancements of RUDN Medical University in 2010, and awarded a gold medal for its training to the health professionals of developing nations. 
  • The Russian Medical Health Ministry granted the right to RUDN independently develop and implement its own education system. This was in recognition of the university's commitment to continuous improvement and its reputation for providing high-quality medical education.

People's Freindhip University Benefits :

Choosing to Study MBBS in Russia is a momentous decision, and it is essential to carefully evaluate the country before making a final decision. Overall, Russia is a great destination and touch every aspect of providing the  great edcuation for MBBS. Russia as a nation provides the ultimate benefits, such as - Providing quality edcuation at a lower fee structure and impecable infrastructure with advatageous equipment for ultimate growth and overall development of students. 

  • People Freindhip University has a modern equipment and full range of medical equipment of professional in different sphere - Primary Care Doctor, Surgeon, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, Dentist and others. 


  • The MBBS Program at People's Friendship University Russia provides international students with the opportunity to acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful doctors. This program prepares students for the challenges of the medical profession and for success in country specific medical exams. Such as, - NEXT in India, UKLMA, PLAB and many more prestigious medical exam in the world. 


  • The International Culture Centre of People's Friendship University (RUDN) provides every facility to attend and be a part of the rich and enthusiastic culture of Russia. At extracurricular time RUDN studnets can learn lessons about Pop, classical, belly dance and more. Also, learn tradition and culture of the Russia and learn acting.  

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS admission :

In order to qualify for admission to People’s Friendship University (RUDN), you have to follow the and must fulfil the given criteria : 

  • Age - Candidates must be 17 years old or older on the day of admission and not be under the age of 17 while going for admission to the university. The minimum age may be higher for certain courses or programs. All candidates must meet the age requirements in order to attend the course. 
  • Mark in PCB -  Candidates seeking MBBS admission in Russia must have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 12th class, as these subjects are essential for MBBS- UG course.
  • Validated Documents - The notarized documents of the students ensure that the student is the legal citizen of the respective country and is eligible to study in the foreign country. So make sure all your educational documents, such as - 10th/12th marksheet, school leaving certificate are ready with the embassy of India stamp on it. 

List of required documents for admission :

The list contains and authorized documents for your MBBS admission in People's Freindship University

  • Class 10th marksheet and passing certificate 
  • Class 12th marksheet and passing certificate 
  • NEET Score Card with qualifying marks 
  • Valid Passport and VISA
  • Candidate Passport Size Photograph
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Medical'sreport including : HIV AIDS report
  • Migration Certificate 

Key Highlights

When selecting the best medical college in Russia , there are a number of aspects to take into account. We'll go over all the reasons why this specific medical institution is ideal for you. 




Medium of Education- English


Total Fee- 55,44,840 Rupees


Tuition Fee- 10,500 USD / Year


Medical Insurance Fee- 150 USD / Year


Recognition- NMC, WHO and WDOMS


Intake Period- September


Students Graduated– 20+

Download Fee Structure

The “ Clinical Diagnostic Center of People Freindship University is a multi-specialized medical facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Moreover, the clinical department is located on the walking distance from education units and campus. It is a multidisciplinary clinic situated within the structure of RUDN university.

Features of RUDN Medical University’s clinical Department -

  • The Clinical Diagnostic Centre is a multi-advanced super speciality clinical center available with advanced machinery.

The CDS obtains 5 major clinical departments : 

  1. Outpatient Centres
  2. Centre For Dental and Maxillofacial Implantology
  3. Centre For the study of the Liver
  4. Ophthalmological Center
  5. Centre For Dermatovenereology

It is a Multidisciplinary clinic that provides primary health care and specialized care on an outpatient basis. There are more than 160 private and public clinics where students receive practical training and clinical experience. It trains highly qualified doctors of international level in the treatment of patients, modern diagnostic methods, and professional communication.

RUDN Medical Institute's subdivisions :

  • Medical professionals' professional development faculty

  • Center for simulation training

  • Clinical and diagnostic center

  • Center for the Study of Liver

  • Ophthalmic Center

  • Center for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Implantology

  • Laboratory for scientific and educational research in medicine "Innovations in Medicine"

Details of Outpatient Department of People’s Friendship University -

The main and primary target of the Out-Patient department is maintaining the health of people located around the area of RUDN university. Also, it ensures that medical students receive high level medical exposure. Moreover, the Outpatient Center has undergone a modernization of its material and technical base, which means that patients can now undergo examinations using the latest equipment.

Faculties available in RUDN University -

Number of Faculties in RUDN University are : 

➡ Management in Health Care
➡ Faculty of Dental Medicine
➡ Faculty of Nursing
➡ Faculty of Pharmacy
➡ Faculty of General Medicine

Details of The Course available in RUDN University 


Medium of Teaching


Tuition Fee (YEAR)

General Medicine 


6 Years 


General Dentistry 


2 Years 

$ 7750 

Healthcare Management 


2 Years

$ 7650

Bio -Medicine 


4 Years 

$ 5200



4 Years

5200 $


RUDN University Ranking :


The Ranking of the RUDN University in the major index of the world’s university ranking is consistently high and it’s improving continually. According to the QS World University Ranking indicator, RUDN university ranked one of the best medical universities in Russia. And, when we talk about the ranking worldwide then it is “317th” Place. This medical university stands at the forefront and fulfills all the criteria of the best medical university.  

Such as  -

There are many other factors that can contribute to a university's ranking, such as its research output, its internationalization, and its reputation among employers. And, ultimately it is filling all the essentials requirements to become the best. 


Benefits of studying MBBS in People's Freindship University -

  • When it comes to the benefits of studying in the RUDN medical university then, it comes with amazing benefits due to its stature as one of the best medical universities in Russia. 

We have aligned benefits such as -

  1. Diversified University - RUDN University establishment, was laid down to provide affordable and amazing medical education to students belonging to the Underdeveloped nation or to those who are looking for a reliable country and developed nation to go for their MBBS studies. 
  1. INNOVATIVE Culture For Scientific Discovery - The People Friendship University, that is popularly known as RUDN University has come across various major changes since the establishment. RUDN is equipped with all the equipment to Help in - Explore, Invent and Experiments. 
  1. Empower For The Future - RUDN University is a leading medical university in Russia and the world, with a strong reputation for excellence in medical education. The university offers a wide range of programs and courses that are designed to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century healthcare industry.
  1. Strong clinical training program -  RUDN University has a strong clinical training program, which gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of healthcare settings. This is essential for students who want to be prepared for the challenges of the real world.

RUDN University is one of the “ Top medical universities in Russia because of its commitment to providing excellent care for its international students. This medical university was established to cater the educational department of the foreign students who belong to the developing economies. And, it has been successful in providing an educational standard that has transformed the meaning of medical education. Moreover, RUDN University Provides unique student's life, that makes it a global miniature hub. The ability of mutual understanding is formed in RUDN in various ways: from associations and public organizations in hostels, creative teams and student associations and communities of different countries. 

Details of RUDN Campus :

RUDN University’s campus has been granted the status of The Greenest University in Russia, according to the “GreenMetric International Ranking”. RUDN campus is a vast and enlarged campus that has 20 educational buildings and 14 dormitories located within its campus. Every room in the RUDN university has basic and necessary amenities, such as - 

  • Bathroom
  • Equipped Kitchen 
  • Internet Connection
  • Satellite T.V

Sport and Health Centre at Far Eastern Federal Univerity 

The blend of education and sport facility is one of the major aspect for overall development of studnets. Moreover, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and also increases the horizon of our perspective. The thought of a healthy body has been taken seriously by Far Eastern Medical University. And their thinking also reflects in their development of the campus that provides every sport facility for medical students: 

  • Skiing Lodge
  • Tennis - Court 
  • Gym and aerobics 
  • Large and Big Stadium 
  • Rugby 
  • Badminton 

MBBS Students at FEFU will have access to all essential items so that they can focus on their studies without having to worry about anything else. This includes things like food, water, shelter, clothing, and school supplies. It is also important for students to have access to enjoyable activities so that they can relax and de-stress. This could include things like sports, hobbies, or spending time with friends and family.

Health Facility For The Students : 

Once a year, all students and staff undergo a mandatory medical examination. This allows specialists to observe the dynamics of each person, identify hidden health problems (which the patient may not know about), and prevent the risks of exacerbating chronic diseases. 

RUDN Medical University's campus is considered one of the best medical universities in Russia because it offers a wide range of services to its students, which is rare in other universities around the world. The university provides excellent opportunities for a fulfilling life, at campus you will not be left out without any essential requirements. No just this, RUDN campus has extra faciliate campus security and safety.  Such as - 


➡ Modern Fire Security and Protection System
➡ Easy access to essential amenities in the campus
➡ 24/7 intelligent video surveillance system provides comprehensive video monitoring coverage


The RUDN University’s Campus includes :


After lectures and studies, students can relax in numerous cafes and restaurants, enjoy the authentic cuisine of the peoples of the world - African, Arabic, Indian, Russian, Chinese, Georgian. The magnificent fountain on the central square of the university is rightfully considered the "heart" of the campus.


Our Selection Process



Select university of your choice.



Contact us and submit your documents.



Receive admission and invitation letter from university.



Submit us your documents for apostle and visa stamping.



Fly to your dream university.


Eligibility Criteria

Let's take a look at the prerequisites for studying MBBS at People’s Friendship University.



To study MBBS at People’s Friendship University, you must first pass the NEET exam.



A minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is necessary for your 10+2.

Age Required

Age Required

On or before September of the entrance year, you must be 17 years old and no older than 25 years old.

Documents Required

You must present the supporting documents to establish your identity and academic qualifications in order to be admitted to People’s Friendship University for MBBS. The following papers must be submitted.


10th & 12th mark sheet


NEET Scorecard




Passport Size Photographs


Covid 19 Report


HIV Report

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